Смотреть Hellfire (subtitled)

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Minister Frollo cracks.

The Latin overlaps but I couldn't be bothered to do it accurately just yet. Also, the Latin line after "...stronger than a man" should be "Mea maxima culpa."

With help from Sivermist09.

Please tell me any corrections to make! (timing, words, etc.)
No copyright is claimed. All materials belong to Disney. Subtitled using iMovie.

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John Davis

Frollo, the og simp.


This is already my favorite villain song. Looking at the choir translations adds more depth to the song I didn't realize. I swear, should Disney ever remake The Hunchback of Notre Dame into live action, they better not shorten or delete this song or they will get Hellfire from us!


Am I the only one who thinks Frollo expected the scarf not to burn? The way he backs away from the fireplace, combined with the way he says "God have mercy on her" makes me believe he thought that if the scarf didn't burn, Esmeralda would be his.


Hunchback out of all the Disney films of this era has the most powerful music to me. It really was on another level.


Jeez dude yandere much


Nice guess


Can we talk about the animation though!!!It's beautiful!!

Sakinah Collins

Mistake: The sun caught in raven hair.
It should have said " The sun caught in her raven hair

Some Frickface

3:00 When somebody posts loli porn on your Christian forum

jeremy patalano

anyone else think those red cloaked things were not demons but his own conscious and they left when they realized he wasn't going to change?


It' s an animation but not for kids you know it' s Hunchback of Notre Dame.. It' s a classical novel. And that' s an animation like Burton' s Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas or etc..

Rainbows115 Dash

lol i didnt uderstand this song as kid but now i know what he singing about


you know, compared to most disney songs, this is some Diablo shit right there

Mary Jane

"Get out you idiot! Can't you see I'm singing? "

Dragon of Shadows

mea culpa means my fault not though (though sounds like sew but with a "th" instead which is wrong its supposed to be thou) my fault
mea maxima culpa is not grevious fault it is greatest fault


you know for kids ;)

A random person!

Thank you !! I love the english version of the song but i didn't understand a lot of words until i saw this video :3

Jayla Martin

wow. just wow disney...

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