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World's longest card throw balloon pop!?! Oh yes we did!
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Flex & Leand

They should make a second channel called Dude Almost Perfect where they post bloopers and funny moments


Lol well I know what happened with Gambit from the X-Men

Jerry Syrjä

This guy should be tara

Jack Perron


The Nolan Channel

whats your next video


I can't even light up a match properly and he does it by throwing a card? Ok p.p

Vince Stummer

Lets be honest here hes clothes are soo daddy chlothes

Wyatt Wilz

Alternate reality guy throws the card and doesn’t hit the apple actually cuts his throat


etay pitusi is better than you

Shinobi Gaming

I felt the pain with the cucumber

Ed Morio

The quality of the camera's 👌

TEST osteron

This new TF skin seems pretty realistic tho....

Ed Kruse

This guy is real-life Bullseye.

Isaac James


Ah so what did you die from

Me: ... Its complicated

Hal Gervis

His face when he throws the card haha

Akhy gaming

If you're reading this please subscribe to my YouTube channel

Anderson Kwon

He’s one of those anime characters that use strange and bizarre weapons.

Océane and Nelle

Hisoka approves this video 🃏😂

The Natural Path of Destiny

Can a Human do that? Dude? Galactic Hustler or Mobster?
Draconian? Reptelian?

Frederick Gossen

Subscribe to Frederick Gossen

Ihssane Tazi


Jez Rapha

can you please sub to my channel it is called Jezrapha

Stephen A Smith

Editors: How much Slow Motion you want?

Dude Perfect: yes

David Vargas

He reminds me of Hesoka from HunterXHunter anime


Gambit in the flesh...

raexxx Flor

So this is basically hisoka ? Hahaha

Alonzo Hardy


Philip Elo

They Don’t look at comments

1000 Subs With No Videos

To the person reading this: have a great day/night and stay safe during the hard times

lord cobi

This is all fake camera tricks


This guys hands must be a hit with the ladies 😂

Johnny Tran

Love the bloopers

Joséphine Vanhoutteghem

joyca en sueur

100 subscribers with no videos

Everyone: wondering if the world is going to end
Dude: Throwing cards


1:27 okay NOW I’ve seen everything

Alex Guadagno

Who think DP should bring back Bro-Mo??

Vortex Seppuku

i have this dudes autograph he did a trick for me it was dope asf, he fooled me

Jack Bee

Why does he look SO much like Rick Astley?

Ian Brown

I almost cried watching that Dr Pepper go to waste

Kevin Pfile

I'm early

Cyrielle B

qui es ici grace a
@joyca ?

Top Movies

You guys should do more of battles

Tobias Beidler-Shenk

Should be called food edition


I want real life tricks shots 4👍.


They need to add bloopers to the end of everyone

Joshua Vinson

A pea. He sliced a pea. Idc how many tries it took HE STILL SLICED IT

Reee Master

Tyler: Rick on request.... p,ease dont slice my face. Rick:ye I got that! Rick on the Inside:ofcourse I got it I've done this for years, but hopefully I dont mess up

Mits BoyZ

Hey Tyler from Dude Perfect u might not see this but I bought ur merch and dressed as u for Halloween because my name is Ty

Ali Hussain

Batman better watch out

Klervi Gouzien

Joyca ?😂

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