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SABOTAGE TSHIRT: https://www.icecreammantshirt.com

Smoothie Madness Full Ep: https://youtu.be/U68txRzSV0A

Ice Cream Man book (by Dax Flame): https://www.amazon.com/Ice-Cream-Man-Dax-Flame/dp/1700583654/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=ice+cream+man+book&qid=1595116526&sr=8-2

Nick Lutsko (Outro Song): https://open.spotify.com/artist/0gEenHtJ9puwA63nbY2TAE?si=5gHmCGiDTmiFZPa0pKWuRg

Brett Benowitz: https://www.instagram.com/brettbenowitz

@Uncle Dane - cameraman and editor
@SoundSmith - sound editing and Smoothie Madness theme
@Yahiamice - Smoothie Madness graphics
Ben Zimmer - 2nd cameraman and lore-apprentice (https://twitter.com/bentozeee)

Huge thanks to:
@Smosh Pit - @Courtney Miller - @AnthonyPadilla - @TayZonday - @jacksfilms - @William Osman

Michael Aranda - Dax Flame Bo Burnham Interview
Main Channel ► https://www.youtube.com/user/iDubbbzTV
Second Channel ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-tsNNJ3yIW98MtPH6PWFAQ
Gaming Channel ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVhfFXNY0z3-mbrTh1OYRXA

Instagram ► https://instagram.com/idubbbz/
Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Idubbbz
Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/IDubbbz
Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/idubbbz

This video is about Daxflame. He is known for his role in 21 Jump Street, Project X, and his YouTube channel. He has written and published two books. He’s an actor, writer, comedian, and a cool dude.

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Smoothie Madnesssssss! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!


Brett is a real one.


Its dope that he made something dax wanted happen

Draco Borne

This is coming from someone with Asp,
$20 says he has Autism.


Idubbbz out there finding these dead beat youtubrs and making documentaries of them now or what?

everybody acting like this guy was/is the greatest hidden gem genius/actor or whatever but all i see is an awkwar dude being awkward 100% of the time no act, no nothing and people just fucing overthink it and then confuse themselves

SnakeSquad 1

Damn, this video is amazing


Ian, man, so far I've been loving these documentary uploads. This one was so genuine and interesting to watch. I hope Dax gets his big break

Jeff John Bones Jones

If he's not the sweetest and most innocent guy on the planet then i dont' know who is.

gabriel sakimoto

He looks like Edward Norton

Dank Meme Studios

in the future you should check up on fatty and dax

This Life

Lmao if they had asked me about if I watched YouTube I’d would’ve been like “HOLY SHIT ITS DAXFLAME AND IDUBBBZ!!”

Matthew McGovern

this already has more views than ricegums video

Dank Meme Studios

another perfect documentary

Jill Jones

Just make a documentary about autism already

(Sincerely from someone whose entire immediate family is on the autism spectrum)

will hayden

Ian really making daxs dream come true


He reminds me of a young Wes Anderson.

Kimberly Berry

This man just came up with the most genius way to drink smoothies as a job


You know, this is pretty inspiring but nerve-racking at the same time. I wish I was more chill like Dax.

Eli Rose

This has the feel of a Rick and Morty episode irl

midnight ocean

About time we got another one

Kloudy Corey

This was so interesting. YouTube was such a different place back then.
Although a game show about smoothies seem ludicrous and I wasn’t a huge fan; I love Dax and I’d watch him in almost anything.


I love him and he deserves everything.

Booze Em

Love how he was like it’s a tic I think he was referencing tana

kevin st-amand

I was sure i did see him somewhere !

Copyright Strike

I found the ghost

Kamil Henri

What’s next? A YandereDev documentary?


He's so awkward but so wholesome.

Mackenzy Gerard

Bo Burnham is just casually in this video


Brett was wholesome as fuck

Bad x ShutDown

He was that guy in project x? Damn i had no clue

Rafael Garcia

Come thru Letty! A star is born. Kudos to everyone involved!!

Matthew Cofield

“Stare into the sun”

Matthew Cofield

“Stars into the sun”

Tj Gomes

I see influences of Kyle Mooney from snl and YouTube fame. Even small facial expressions I noticed


Dying laughing through the entire thing

MooDSwinG Gaming

An introvert doing his best to be an extrovert. fair play to him

Cosmoz yay I'm here


Miles Fewell

I really love this long form documentary style content, keep doing what you’re doing Ian.



Est NS

Do a documentary on Randytaylor69!!!

A wild Sisco appears

Watching the whole game show made my chest hurt so bad from the sheer amount of awkwardness and discomfort


3:41 It's the Joker !!

Ned Hood

i have an autistic brother and he acts very similar to Dax flame, i wouldn't be surprised if Dax had some kind of special needs disability, not that theres anything wrong with that, its just what i think.

Nig Nog

I swear I relate to Daxflames on every personal level and this makes me feel a lot less miserable about myself. Really nice to see people like him making their own style of content on this platform. We feel so blessed to have him here.

And yeah idubbbz too

Edvardas Jakstas

#4 on trending


i must be the only one who thinks that this man can be an actor in the Joker film as a slightly younger version of Arthur with this exact hairstyle

Curt McArdle

I love how much fun the contestants enjoyed their time there. That's the genius of Dax. I think that's what he really wants. To make people happy. And he does it very well, without really trying. Or trying very hard.

I love that. We need more Dax's.


I like the Spanish lady.
Don't ask me why because I don't know.

King Eomer

does he have Aspergers?

Riley Wagner

Do y'all have any questions

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