Смотреть Where We Are - Live from San Siro Stadium (plus bonus video ‘The Road to San Siro’)

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Advaita Soma

I had been expecting a lot more for the reunion, like unrealesed and leaked songs, like Magic or something.

Madelynn Seehusen

does this mean they might get back together😖😄😄😄😄

chryssi mitskolava

there not gonna get back 2gether arent they?/

Maya Itelman

Not Louis asking Niall where his sleeves are when my man Louis is also missing sleeves...

Micaela Murua

Me puso la piel de gallina, que precioso 😢

emma gomez

⚠️at 23:09 zayn falls!!! are we not gonna talk about it? ⚠️

Aleksandra Antkowiak

I'm the one who cries a lot???

Guadalupe Pacheco

I don’t get how there is people who don’t like this video.


Awww 💗 ZAYN 💗 I Miss You 😞

Gia Sunwoo

i kid you not i screamed at the beginning when syco entertainment and modest management popped up

t Vlogs

The boys just running outta here


Maya Itelman

Right Now never fails to make me cry. This is so beautiful.

Tamara Lozano

H: "big innit"

chandrelle tl

still cant get over it 1:51:16

talita bahia

Eu não to chorando, você que ta!! GENTE...

Francesca Rossi

I'm crying 💗

jeanette b.

oh how i’d kill to go to a concert

Maribella Goncalves

They completely cancelled out the “ what flavour is harry “ part - I hate modest

Emma's Place

I would do anything for this to be up for more than 24 hours :(

Directioner and zquad

Los amo un chingo ♥️🤧

Victoria vera

i’m so jealous of every single person that was in that concert experiencing THAT. it was beautiful. beyond breathtaking. 🖤 our boys

chandrelle tl

1:50:47 MY HEART

Sol Manriquez

27:09 Midnight memories
30:30 Little black dress
33:00 Kiss you
38:10 Why don't we go there
41:00 Rock me
47:20 Don't forget where you belong
55:00 C'mon C'mon
57:40 Right now
1:01:17 Through the dark
1:04:57 Happily
1:09:00 Little things
1:15:00 Moments
1:23:08 Strong
1:26:10 Better than words
1:31:15 Alive
1:34:34 One Thing
1:37:43 Diana
1:43:22 What makes you beautiful
1:51:44 Story of my life
1:56:50 Little white lies
2:01:10 Best song ever

Alex Chivers

Why do they all look and sound so good. 😢 I miss them

McKenzie Pedro

Liam Payne but the Liam is silent.

Giulia Faccini


Rocío Gf

23:08 zayn desmayandose🥺 que feo que no nos hayamos dado cuenta antes de lo que sufría

Isabel Hiestand

What does Harry seem so sad

kiss u

poor zayn 🥺 he looks so exhausted and unhappy :( but he left to get happier and healthier 💗

Jess Lloyd


Leh leh

I just wanted to have subtitles


2:00:59 lmao harry kinda scared me

Sarah Beckler

i love how much louis loves “little black dress.” he really wants the best for her.

Clara Silva

Cadê a legenda heim
Os brasileiros q lutem com seu verbo to be KKKKKKK

Anonym Anonym

“1D only has British fans”
Like if you’re not British 🥰
Comment if you are 🤩

Jessika Emanoelle

Eu assistindo mais de 2 horas assistindo 1D ✌😗

alicja mazuro

I love this

WheresMyNoodle s

Pls never end this live😭😭

Jacob McCluskey

Amazing song rock 😎😎😎😎😎

Jacqueline García

Así somos ❤

kakaau souza


Taliah Roberson

Do these" this is how many" people in the comments really like... need to?

Lyssa Nix

i love when harry styles

Lotte V.

18:03 Mikey!!

Anonym Anonym

👇This is how many people that have been a directioner from day 1😍💕

Nicole Morris

zayn looks so sad the whole time performing 🥺

Nisan Çınar

I'm in love with Lou and all his little things

Emma Butler

Finally something somewhat new, like it’d they’ve ever released the bonus video

judesduarte baes

notice how this has more views than the re uploaded music LMAOOOOOO bitches are only thirsty for THIS

Luciano Persin


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