Смотреть If You Can't Find Waldo You Get Tazed

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that's it, that's the whole video

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/michaelreeves

thanks for getting tazed in my video:

and helping me film: @brodinplett

Instagram: michaelreeves808


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the creeper 46

Glad he's back but Stop hurting him he's gonna have a heart attack

Mr Sir


Jamie Smith

Make a robot that brushes your teeth but also has a face recognition camera and if you don't like the person then it acts like it will brush their teeth but pokes them in the back of their throat

click bait

This is the greatest day of my life.

Raul the gam3R

Yes let’s go another video

Jorge Soto

I have an idea what if you made a taser Inside ofheadphones

Bin Burgerler

Finaly a new video

Slack Gaming

7 hours 1.3 mill views wow

Timothy Goes


Games Player




Absolutely nobody:


lil BOi

By how he looks and how much he likes tasers this is what he does when he doesn't get the job he applied for so he makes these videos to warn people not to say no


naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuckin scarp us mate


“We can assume the people were shitters” ah, classic Michael eloquence!

Isaac Cortinovis Johnson

Nicely fitted shirt Micheal , your style is really improving to suit your body ! ????

trenchcoat man

This man is gonna make a robot that calls you a bitch and then somehow conquers the world


Dude I would be so bad at this, it takes me forever to find Waldo because I'm too easily distracted by all the hidden little gags and jokes in the drawings.

crazy typ _HD

3:36 Michael: "sit down in my where is Waldo training chair"

"Are those tazers?"

Michael: " Sit down on my- "

Toastie Roastie6000

I've been waiting for this

Avery Ervin

Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare

FirstTimeFrest FTF

Shocking people because they do no do the desired action is positive reinforcement. Sorry Mr. Reeves but google could have answered this one.


If you need funding for the robot dog, just make the chair tase the person whenever someone 'donates' 100$ in a lifestream


yet another shitty robot idea: an alarm clock that tasers people awake.

Caius Plays

heres my bad robot idea no I won't say it
(I'm a sociopath)

Maik Dreijer

Good video, other than the fact that the Rotterdam Harbour has over 150k daily workers, but I ain't complainin'

Popular Kid

Lilly the camera person

Kellen Moneypenny

this is literally just an electric chair

i have 7 girlfriends

see y'all in 3 months ;-;

Dragon Sin Meliodas

Rewi in einem Michael Reeves Video uff

Caleb Lail

If he does one more video where he tazes people, I’m out

Dakota Hatton

Finally posting


so like i woke up this morning and saw the notification for this video and like i forgot how i read his name but it was something funny enough to make me laugh and then immediately go back to sleep


best youtuber of all time not joking! gj michael ????

Knight in Pyjama


-_Ultra _-



Loved it

Master Shake

A robot that takes an uploaded image and attempts to paint it using oil or acrylic paint.

Callum Sault

Make a software that automatically bans people that put sexual comments In pokis chat

Giovanni Rizo


JackTube HD

Build a guitar where each string and fret pressed on is a different pitched moan

ExsoLin Gaming

He has returned OUR GOD


Micheal reeves, the Heinz Doofenshmirtz of YouTube.


Ay it's my favorite Filipino

ben Nugget

2:25 excuse me wtf

Brawley Leitzell

I’m gonna be that guy because micheal says it a lot and it actually bothers me. Electrocuting people means killing them with electricity, electric shocking people means tasing them maliciously


Make a roomba that does a backflip every time it sees a person


Micheal: uploads within 10 months
Me: wait he did not abandon this channel just like my humor?

kalani seyler

Electric chair go brrrrrrrrrrrrr


Michael is going to accidentally kill himself in one of these videos soon

Popular Kid


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