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Buddy the dog: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Buddy_(dog)

Franz Ferdinand's car:

The beginnings of World War One: https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/world-history/euro-hist/world-war-i-tutorial/v/assassination-of-franz-ferdinand-by-gavrilo-princip

Galileo and the odd number rule: http://www.mcm.edu/academic/galileo/ars/arshtml/mathofmotion1.html

A GREAT book about the history of our understanding of how things move -- including some great sections about Galileo: https://www.amazon.com/Discovery-Dynamics-Structure-Dynamical-Theories/dp/0195132025

Parity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parity_(mathematics)


Colorado and its 697 sides: https://bigthink.com/strange-maps/colorado-is-not-a-rectangle

Washington State '96-'97 handbook: https://web.archive.org/web/19970222053010/http://www.wiaa.com/handbook/art18.html

Washington state rules for allowed exceptions to the half-time or more enrollment requirement: https://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?Cite=28A.225.010

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Crankitup scotty

Don't worry Michael we are not leaving you.

jony prepper israel

Normal people:colorado is rectangle
Vsauce: actually its a hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon

Mazda Karimi

The return of the king

Delvon Jenkins

I heard the TV at the beginning and thought I was going insane.

Shahrin Shafiq Simran

getting Dark vibes...


"The universe contains Colorado, one of its best rectangles... Or is it?"



It's been so long since a Vsauce came up that the last time I saw one there were no youtube ads.


The return of the king

Dice Blue

wait. what?

Harmonica Fruit Banana Toonie

Micheal: "Would Air Bud really be allowed to play basket ball?"

(20 minutes later)

'Now that you have a complete understanding of the universe, no, he wouldn't be allowed to play basketball. And as always, thanks for watching!"

Mohammed Bezreh

Why there's un octopuses everywhere?

KingAbuClappz 30

Vsauce is back

Connor Taylor

Micheal: brings up the 'Spooky coincidence video'
Me: Staring at that video in my 'up next'
Me: 👁👄👁

K. whatever

when he first divided the second strip into three triangles around 16:20 i gasped when i realized that this was going to increase by consecutive odd numbers all over again,,,, why am i getting excited abt numbers i havent even studied math in 5 yrs


This poor man, somebody give him hugs

Danny Swayze

Love your work.
Brain hurts now

Spyros Dragon

8:20 that is def going to be in an Vsauce out of context.


I read about this in arthur benjamins book


Michael you are giving mr big brain vibes I don’t get my ch of the during quarantine..... or ever BUT thanks

Thomas ZOU

stream of consciousness Vsauce style

Daniel Coffman

Duality/even exist in our paradox but taking these even numbers of your GPS we can calculate the GPS coordinates of a Odd/high energy/supernatural/unbelievable paradox on Randonautica with Duality and odd equations put together you get the odd answers that make no sense but it does exist in weird mathematical equations. With heaven and hell It's like opening deaths locked room and exposing it to the world, odd is turning the world upside down.


I just bought the curiosity box and I can’t wait for it to come in!


dam, he has done it again!

Clayton Montgomery

this is such a joke.

help me reach 1,000 subs for support a creator code


joe mama

Ah return of the king


I missed you Michael

Abdullah Alomari

I am sure every body wants Micheal as there math teacher

Shootski III of Nothingville

His beard grows every new video

Hamza Ali

This video is very odd🧐🧐👀

N Chekal

From dogs playing basketball to world war 1 to odd numbers to centipedes... this is nice

Wolfram 74

“Go poop or something” 😂

phiddle phart

Talk about your odd videos!

point point

Hey Michael, Cool new video here!


Ok Vsauce real talk who broke your heart?


michael: what if we hugged? pushes figurine of himself and a red power ranger together
me, who has cosplayed the red ranger: wrow...

Pedrum Sd

Im so confused... posting on regular vsauce after such a long time and making it a video of just randomness, random connections...
I didn't get it...
are you testing something?
is this one of your experiments?
this was weird, I mean just weird as opposed to weird and interesting, your usual flavor.
Anyways, good to see you are back!

Lorenzo De Paoli

I understood everything perfectly, without understanding nothing

Red One

Seven has even in it? That's odd


Damn I figured out the odd number rule before vsauce explained it:)))


that intro was like a trip through a flat earther's brain when trying to come up with a new conspiracy theory

Will C

As I live and breathe, Michael just called Colorado a rectangle. Ive been making that joke for years. I feel so accomplished.

Subscribe This Husky for no reason

Who else think some part of his looks like breaking bad guy

Onyx Qiao

I’m burning though my brain cells in the ever changing speed

Subscribe This Husky for no reason

No one has become poor by giving


you should shorten your beard ... it looks ODD... or does it? ;)


And now 1 million people (at the time of writing this) know basic calculus, and many of them don't even realize it!

Ryan Benson

So.... no more weird "Mindfield" and Youtube for pay?


I love that he is back..❤


b^2 = a + b
b^2 - b - a = 0
b^2 - b + 1/4 = a + 1/4
(b - 1/2)^2 = a + 1/4
b = +-sqrt(a+1/4) + 1/2

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