Смотреть What Do Alien Civilizations Look Like? The Kardashev Scale

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The observable universe is a big place that has been around for more than 13 billion years. Up to two trillion galaxies made up of something like 20,000 billion billion stars surround our home galaxy. In the milky way alone scientists assume there are some 40 billion earth like planets in the habitable zone of their stars. When we look at these numbers it is hard to imagine that there is nobody else out there.

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Harkamal Saran

This video made me excited for a future I may never witness or be able to experience.


My sleep derived mind read first The Kardashian scale. I should go to bed.

Jesse Yules Film

What if we find alien dolphins? Dolphins are every bit as intelligent and advanced as humans, but they aren't responsible for the current climate crisis that's about to end our much lauded "civilization".

Peach White

5:31 The planet where pyramid head came from.

The Favs

Dude, what if, like... WE, are the products of an alien civilization? Maybe our universe is just Petri dish and the eyes of Omega are over us seeing if life can flourish in this universe? Maybe they’re seeing if we’re successful, and if we are, they’ll make more! But if we fail, they’ll make another universe with new physics and tweek intelligent life’s behavior until they find one that can spread throughout the universe, harnessing the powers of the stars and generate energy so that Omega can power his toaster oven!

Your FBI agent

That Kardashev scale is a bit too overkill considering it took us nearly a million years just to be a 0.75 type civilization

Maxwell Farr

Maybe the Milky Way is the youngest and least developed galaxy??

James H

The KS scale is bunk. There is not going to be a galaxy wide spanning civ that works as one race because the galaxy is just too big. Even if they could hit 1000x the speed of light, they aren't going to wait for 100 years to receive 'orders' from home base. Any race that spreads out to conquer the galaxy will end up splitting into factions/groups long before they manage to achieve it.

Same with being able to harvest all that energy. Depending on their location in the galaxy, you are talking 10's of thousands of years for it to arrive at the home planet from another star system. It ain't happening. The may build a swarm around their host star & possibly some other nearby ones but that's going to be the extent of it.

The only way a galactic civ can emerge as well as being able to harvest energy from the entire galaxy is via wormholes. If they had that ability, they could & would end up exploring other galaxies & beyond. A Type III is going to be more akin to a race that has FTL capabilities that could theoretically span the galaxy but choose not to out of practicality.


I should buy a space boat.


How do we know red and brown dwarf stars aren’t harvested? That supernovae aren’t the result of weaponized stars? What if the ordinary universe we see is the result of these higher level civilizations and only looks that way because of them? Not sure if we could even detect something like that.

Sophie Griffin

Some beautiful graphics on this episode!


actually hindu mythology god proves to betype 5


Why do video like this fail to mention how crazy young our universe is? It makes a lot of sense we haven't found other advanced species when you think about the total life span of our universe.

Mr. Snuffleupagus

Lmao at the mushroom rockets and dick and balls creatures.

Aimee Leli

But what if there’s actually a type unknown they could do anything with our bodies and mess up time but we can’t notice it put us in a different world we won’t survive it could be true but maybe a person die will get put into a different world

Lowes gameing

For an Omega civilization you're probably right them creating a univers would be like a human child playing with Legos.

Brendan McGee

By far my favorite video made so far!

TheOneRing 987

Maybe type 2 is looking inwards not outwards. Maybe type 2 and beyond needs a better understanding of oneself and their own being. Consciousness is so unknown and maybe it somehow comes into contact with another plane of existence or dimension. Who knows?!


I want to play this game so badly!


Loved the video!! Its great!

Lindoura Neves


Jitse T.

It could be possible that higher tipes of aliens have discovered a way to enter the fourth dimension and that's the reason why we can't find them even if they are really close.

Kunal Kishore


Danni L

MY 1 Channel! ♥️♥️♥️


0:24 "when we look at these numbers it's hard to imagine there's nobody else out there". There's already a huge assumption underlying this statement: that life will spontaneously emerge. If life was created by God, as the Bible teaches, then it becomes very easy to imagine so.


We should start founding Technology and Universitys like our Army ...


This is the best video EVER.

thomas anderson

What if elder civilizations are just us but million times slower? So much time in universe and you can travel pretty fast between stars if one year is a second for you. Find some entropy-resistant thing and you my face an alien! I mean, you have like 10**800 seconds, but just 10**26 meters why not just be like a sloth.


This scall leave out the morality campus.
If we, a class 1 species has the morality not to completely destroy thing that can not be replaced or at least we attempt not to.
We would go and take over another type one because we are past that. And not to consider the further evolutions to continue that is a bit odd.

John J

Do ants count as civilizations? They farm (domesticate other insects as well) go to war, kill eachother, manipulate their invironments, hunt, communicate, have specialization for different jobs, plan for the future, and colonize, so could this be our second example of a civilization regardless of how primitive?


So type omega civilization/creature is literally the god as we know it. Wow...

Vaughn Johnson

Humanity: So when will we become a type 2 civilization?
Kurzgesagt: Yes


Forgot to say this but do you think the Kardashev Scale is a bit flawed in how it labels civilizations. I mean, it only has like 4 types, going from taking energy from the home planet straight to taking it from the sun the to taking it from the host galaxy. Wouldn't it make more sense if it was:
Taking energy and resources from home planet > taking energy from other bodies in the solar system (moons, planets, asteroids, etc.) > taking energy directly from the sun > taking resources from exoplanets and their host stars > taking energy and resources from large portions/ most/ the entirety of the host galaxy > taking energy and resources from other galaxies?

Canton Old

They don't exist in our space/time frame. They erase themselves completely on the way out of here.
Next question.

Vaughn Johnson

Type 1: almost us
Type 2: definitely not us
Type 3: Star Trek and Star Wars
Type 4: How could you do this to—
Type 5: WHY
Type 6 Omega: Kurzgesagt.

Snow Ball

my mind think deep while watching this. its like am i still alive if they discover aliens? am i still alive if were on a massive upgrade like harvesting sun's power? would i still see the unique nature on other galaxies? and if im not alive when that happened i just want to reincarnate and just see it happening i just want to live forever and see what will happen like im scared to die because i wont have a chance to see how massive universe are how different our planet on them its like i just wanna see anything on those galaxies i wanna explore them without having trouble. its hard to explain but i feel like elsa calling by voice and getting into the unkown to the the truth its funny little bit but its an opportunity its a challenge it marks history its everything i swear. that dream is the dream that i know its not gonna happen on me. someday when im nowhere to be found i just want to see whats happening on universe even if im not living on my life just a sight im already happy. theres this unerasable dream that what if i die and im somewhere and i have like a tv a massive touch screen tv thats like a cctv to the universe where if i wanna know that planets imma just click it and view its world and understand it but i dont have brain coz im dead its like you are spying on them just watching them doing their thing because im lonely in heaven and i want just to sight on them and nonstop watching the universe expanding. i dont know if you get what i said i told you its hard to explain but after all its all remain a dream and i wish it would happen. someday not now not later but if ever it happened i want to have my reincarnation i want my 2nd life and judt live forever

Punchi Lux

Dope video. But aliens are here fam. I understand why you might not say that because it might be too controversial for your fan base idk, but they are here no doubt about it.

Артём Зайчик

Type 0.75 , and we barely control a new discovered virus wiping out thousands of people.

Filip Oščádal

nice story, dear God ❤️????????

Jim Abdel

But wait jerms are still are enemy

Sofiene Khiari

The fact that we can't currently see or detect civilisations of type 3 and beyond doesn't mean that they probably don't exist ???? They may have advanced enough technological capabilities to be able to totally hide their presence from us (past, presence and future) ????‍♂️ That would maybe be especially interesting for them if we are test subjects and they need to test us under the "special" conditions that we are currently living in ????


Hehe 8:42 - nice Adventure Time reference :)

João Pimentel Ferreira

What a hoax?! How can you keep a civilisation if parts of if take hundreds of thousands of year to communicate? Milky Way for instance has a diameter of 100 thousand ly. How do you keep a civilisation if a message take 100 thousand years to arrive? Unless the individuals of said civilisation last that long. Not for Homo Sapiens.

Shakil Ahamed

Here and there I can hear Ben10 music

suicide 616

8:33 goddamn illumimati

yours Truly

Oh so we haven't even gotten to Level 1 yet, that explains things

Mark Farrell

I guess we will be keeping up with the “Kardashevs” for a while

Christian Liverpool



If you've eve4 been in a Zoo, you'll know that it looks, feels and amazingly feels like it should for the animals. The "People Behind The Glass" however are witnessed by the animals from time to time, similar to a sighting or alien abductions. Perception is your reality unfortunately.

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