Смотреть Explained: What happened in deadly Beirut explosion

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The size of the explosion that ripped through the port in the Lebanese capital Beirut has shocked the world.

Some 300,000 people have been left homeless, at least 130 were killed and thousands have been injured.

But what do we know about where and how it happened?

Satellite imagery: Planet Labs Inc

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“I survived 2020” book

Jay Mars

I cage how y’all saying it’s gonna get worse just stop it like jinx the year

Rusty Shackleford

At this point 2pac will show up soon

Its Skyline

Warzone season 6 map leaked?

Kaj L

Sounds like the prime minister is looking for a scape goat. I have little knowledge of the problem, but sounds to me like this main reasons were 1. Irresponsible business man leaving his ship and cargo to its fate 2. lack of understanding from the ones running the harbour/authorities about just how dangerous the cargo was 3. lack of action from authorities/those running the harbour in moving the dangerous cargo from the harbour to a safer location or making necessary safety measures.
Lack of action by authorities can however also spring from bad legislation. I.e. in practise perhaps nobody was clearly responsbile for dealing with this! Of course, it should have been the ship owner in the end who should have paid for and take responsbility and not tax payers/authorities. But the process of making the responsible one take action can be slow. I.e. what if a business owner refuses to act according to what authorities demand? Legal processes can take a long time.

None Tabdeeli

At this point every month of 2020 is competing on who can be the worst

Chris Doggett

How many deaths?

warsame Yaahoo

Sorry but the priest make me ????????????????????????

XxHell GachaxX


Bruce Atwell

Well this video certainly didn't answer any questions.


Incompetence! They need to go to prison for life.

LocaL DasI News Channel

This is done by Israel.. Because naton yahu showed that he will do in the UN


the guy who said he will hold those responsible , is responsible

Sergeant Tickles

I wonder if deaf people could hear the shockwave

Aaron Echo

That's nuclear

cor japin

amonium nitrate is NOT fireworks!!! stop using bullshit terminology!
same thing as in Enschede, that also was no fireworks, but they claim it was.

Pynkhraw Kharkongor

How did this happen

Jordinho Charles

Seeing all the videos about what people were doing when this explosion happened reminds me of that movie Vantage Point ????????‍♂️

Mango Duck

We can't do anything else then try to donate money and pray for this year to be over asap and 2021 to be a better year????????????

Olivia Martinez

This world is just not safe

Vibin Cat

Cool fireworks bro

mr thompson m

Hizbollah did this over three generals being sentenced this week because of the hariris murder

Monopoly Billionaire

1:24 ???? I'm so sorry

Tyrone Post

Whether it was a strategically placed missile or not, this reinforces how fireworks are one of the world’s dumbest “traditions” still existing 20th Century...


Those responsible bruh those people dead already ????

Relief In Peace

We can call this year!
360 days of deaths
ALLAH save us ameen

Denatra Lewis

I know they wanted To do that on the Carolina coast with a nuke some years back.

pat wheler

Seemingly the ammonium nitrate was taken off a russian freighter deemed unfit to go to sea 6 or so years back obviously improperly stored beside fireworks ffs.

Lance Heal

It was hit by a missile. Jets circling the area. There is proof of this out their.

George Muenz


Happiness Channel

New video of Beirut massive explosion https://youtu.be/Qi_HClLxVqQ


Wilson Cloud.
To see a 1.5Kt explosion and associated Wilson Cloud, as a _'Control:-
Footage is from LLNL, when they recently rescanned a lot of footage into HD and 4k.
Test Operation 'Redwing - Kickapoo - 1.5Kt'


Israeli bombing !

Disappointed Mike Wazowski

Thank God there weren't tall buildings near the port, that would end with it collapsing in a highly populated street

Achim One

SH!T HAPPENS ????????‍♂️

Én egymagam

What happened? Sabotage. Nothing else.

Ella's Tube

Omg I’m glad I wasn’t there I hope everyone is ok


I remember seeing on someone’s story, bodies that literally got decimated by the explosions????. It was in Lebanon. There was peoples faces off, legs torn off and everything ????

Suleman Muqeed

Astagfirullah :(

catholic music



so what append

Daddy DIY

This has happened in America before. West Texas fertilizer plant exploded in 2013 or 2014, but it’s not unheard of

supergirl bop it

It like a nuke I saw at first my dad said that

Caroline Elanor Mcloughlin

Bloody hell. Hope everyone is okay. Why does this year keep getting worse


My God

xcx23 Cwea

If this happens again then we'll know, if it was really a ...


All because of fireworks smh

Shane McHugh

Video of a missile strike have been taken down.
Is there any evidence of this

snuglife wo

Thats cool

Maddie Boyce

First Logan (or jake idk) pauls house gets raided and now this? wOaH. were all gonna fucken die.

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