Смотреть Watch Secret Service agents pull Trump from a press briefing after shooting outside the White House

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U.S. President Donald Trump was pulled from his briefing by Secret Service agents after a shooting outside the White House.

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Pray for Trump.

Insurgent Ewok

Darn ....... he escaped all those camera shots!

James Epstein

The secret service does fantastic work

Alec Zika

Lmfao he is literally a pig...

Andre Al

"Sir pence took a bit out of your burger."

John Pham

Tik tokers: “pew pew pew.... it’s a choppa!!!”
Donald Trump: ban tik tok!!
Tik tokers: “it’s a 22.....” 🤫

David Edwards

tRumps reaction, the fact the only shots were fired by the secret service, as far as I know, it was outside Whitehouse fence, on the street, and the secret service have so far refused to say if the so-called attacker was even armed.
It all leads me to believe that this was a tRump set-up, to make him look like a big brave hero, casually carrying on like nothing had happened.
If this had been something real, tRump would be down in his bunker shaking uncontrollably. And everybody knows it! Just check out his military records.

Lunchable Loli

I thought it was gonna be a real violent yank e.e

Danny G the Nature Guy

Shooting outside ? .. meh it was inside 0:20

Christopher Lewis

Anyways, on to the next one.


Where's the urgency?!🤔🤥

Drew Rycerz

Trump is amazing.

We Post Viral Videos

Trump was calm as hell about it lol!

Piano Roots Music

"I dont know do I seem rattled?"


I was trying to take this serious, but I just couldn't help to notice the vagina on his neck... shouldn't that be blurred out? LMFAO

Bernard Matthews Turkey Drumsticks

It looked to me like the agent may have been thrusting his genitals towards trump as he approached.

delor b

"The wall is very powerful." Jeez.

Adam Jones

Reporters are like children. So eager to interrupt, and get their headline.


0:18 when there’s no teacher

Bailey Maria

They should’ve left him out there with how slow he was💀

Peter H

Mister President, there’s a shooter outside.
Trump: no problem John, just spray him with Lysol. 😂

Flip Morris

How many bots are here in this trash 🗑️ of a comment section.


Tbh, I really like Trump's reaction. He seems like a chill guy.


Secret service: there’s a shooting Trump: Chille anyways-

Kevin Peng

I thought the auto picture taking was the sound of the shooting. I was like, they seemed calm.

Dragonfly Jones

The first time Trumps ever pulled out

Kay Wongton

He’s just like “mmm...ok”


Briefing: starts
Some random dude outside: So anyway i started blasting

Red Reddington

And TRUMP returned in FIVE MINUTES...tell the truth


This shooting is right up there with the alien sightings.

§hąřpśhøõțëŕ❕• 40 years ago (edited)

The guy who was shot was bringing Trump some garlic sausages.

Giselle Joseph

Ok then

Dwayne Earles

I wonder what the secret agents was doing to Trump when they took him away he sure came back satisfied

Jim Mitchell



Stay safe trump you are the worlds only hope


Just so everyone knows btw, Epstein didn’t kill himself

prod. vulgar

The government is just one big ass gang when you think about it

Nicole Kobela

He’s so calm , I would’ve been like 👁👃👁


Hebrews 13:8 - Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.


Trump's under neck looks kinda like a...

1 Subscriber Before 2021

Just so everyone knows btw, Epstein didn’t kill himself

Jay Dent


Gulya Durdyeva

Мистер Трамп я вас люблю 👍 удачи вам в делах

Sally-Ann Marcus

0:17 Trump face priceless. The light is on but no-one at home.

Steve Fortuna

Thoughts and prayers to the gunman. May he inspire tens of thousands of others who actually have ARMS.


Trump deals with so much crap that a shooting in his backyard doesn't even alarm him. Thank goodness for secret service otherwise Trump would be killed by, I wont say who (cough cough Dems!). Trump 2020!

Dai Bach

Secret Service Agent... “I’m the one that’s going to arrest you in January, this is just a practice run!”

Trump... “Oh”

Brian Murphree


Thomas Grabowski

Chillest president to ever live. x'D !


He's back at it again*

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