Смотреть MP3 vs Ogg Vorbis Compression - Visual Comparison

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I made this short visual presentation to show the actual differences in the sound structure between mp3 and Ogg Vorbis compression methods. 'Actual' here doesn't mean that this is the best presentation of the 'sound landscape', but there is no room for subjectivity, like in listening. Also, especially in higher quality levels, it may be rather challenging to hear these differences in typical listening setting. As a visual presentation, this obviously doesn't tell anything about how easy or hard it is to hear the differences, let alone how much people care about the 'truthfulness' of the sound they are storing and listening.

I have been interested in sound quality from very early age, but this topic has entered into my life about a week ago, when I noticed that YouTube reduces audio quality more than I thought.

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Bruno Bassi

Ogg vorbis 500kbps(ffmpeg) is like flac

Muhammad Abdur Rehman khadam

I am an audiophile, and not a professional one but a amateur one. I went from 128Kbps MP3s to 320kbps MP3s and then I went to M4A (AAC & ALAC) to FLAC. and I found FLAC to be most satisfying but nearly undistinguished from 320kbps MP3 (I used Deezer as a source) and I used Spek software for comparison and also my listening abilities.
But recently, I came to know that if you want to convert a youtube video to audio then the best format for audio is OGG, for comparing them I used SPEK and I found that when you convert a youtube video song to MP3, frequencies above than 15k are cut off (not present) but when you convert to OGG, all frequencies upto 20k are present.
Also when I downloaded a youtube video and analysed it, I came to know that Youtube itself uses OGG (Iibopus) as a audio codec in its videos. this might be reason for good conversion.
Also I came to know that when you reduce a video quality of a video in youtube like from 1080p to 144p, the audio quality remains the same. as far as I know.

P.S. I know youtube is a bad source for music.


OGG with its MP3 equivalent
64 kbps OGG = 96 kbps MP3
80 kbps OGG = 128 kbps MP3
96 kbps OGG = 160 kbps MP3
128 kbps OGG = 192 kbps MP3
160/192 kbps OGG = 320 kbps MP3

Three Cats

Imo ogg is better than mp3 at any bit rate. Everybody should start using ogg instead of mp3.

Christian Arellano

I converted my collection from 24/192 khz to ogg 32(floating)/ 192 khz, the bitrate is around 660 kbps the quality is indistinguishable and far superior to any other format I've tested and the compression in terms of file size is in some cases 1/10... so I'm pretty happy with it.

Keith Jefferson Dizon

So, OGG is better in lower bitrates but worse in 320 kbps?

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