Смотреть Audio File Formats - MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC

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What's the difference between common audio file formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC?

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Современный и качественный плеер нашел сайта поможет смотреть видео Audio File Formats - MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC на любом устройстве: телефон на android или iOS, или же планшет и тп. Смотрите видео и наслаждайтесь.


kai Ellis lancaster

What Were is .OGG audio file


my brain has 2gb ddr2 ram

chris ryzen

For me the important is album art of music.

harjot singh

i lost it when linus came his head bustin


Love dont fear the reaper!!

Ismail Ghedamsi

I'm using 128 kbps mp3's.Apparently some people have better ear than me.

Vediclasher X

Scream of linus was so funny


1:19 need that footage asap

Sassafras Official

Wait I always thought mp3 was higher quality than wav...

100K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

audiophile porn


FLAC is basically WAV but the silent parts are removed. In WAV, even the silent parts are stored as data that's why it has a fixed bit rate of 1411 kbps, whereas the FLAC has a variable bit rate that corresponds to the actual data only.

Adrian Gauna

Regardless of what audio format is best, your ears are the best judge, I for one have a damn good ear and I can always tell if a song sounds like shit or not regardless of whether it's MP3 or WAV or whatever, don't put all your faith in the audio formats of your choice but put the faith in the listening experience with headphones on.

Adam Ahmed

There's one newer lossy codec you didn't mention: Opus. It's designed to be the "one codec to rule them all". It's low-latency and low-complexity, has higher quality at lower bitrates than even AAC, and is open-source and patent-free like Vorbis. It's actually two codecs in one, a low-bitrate speech codec and a high-bitrate music codec. When encoding, one or the other can be selected manually, or hybrid can be used, which uses the music codec for frequencies above 8 KHz. This makes it the perfect codec for not just music, but VoIP as well.
...of course, it's still lossy, so you still need a lossless codec for archival.


I download in .midi and use FL studio to play it you nerds

Marcel Stek

Where is m4a


I had a customer pay me extra to back up and save his 96kbps youtube rip collection of music he had on his hard drive.


OGG is a container format and it can embed audio in FLAC which is a lossless audio compression format.


flac good

Maxwell Long

My pickup lines usually include the fact that I can find her favorite song in flac

single rebel

M4a? Hmmm

Preinstallable on Roblox

its 420 am so yeah nice

Frans Rewl

But what is MKA???


The best format that I recommend is the M4A 256kbps VBR from the default iTunes encoder.

Tofu Boi

Wait what happens when you convert mp3 to wav?

Mas Nico

how about the creator to use music? is just for the .aiff or wav formats because its not uncompressed and much raw data their creator music ?

R setu sai


Aldi Nazar Basuki Wijaya

It is sad, i am into audio after my uncle passed away. ????

Shane Goodman

What is the best format for the human voice only (not music)?

Rex 436

Normal people:
Nah mp3 and ogg is desame
Ogg is used in games dum dum


i like OPUS
most of my music comes in WAV or MP3 tho


Its Time to Convert all my 32bit and 128bit mp3 Files to flac.

Luke McEllin

Shut up Luke

ᜉᜒᜇ᜔ᜎᜐ᜔ ᜈᜅ᜔ ᜐᜎᜅᜈ᜔

I listen to .doc only

Darko P

WAV = Heirloom

Das how i see et

Marty Mcfly 88MPH

Sam Hyde in FLAC

Fuehrer Alchemist

Yeah, don't judge me.

Lytespeed Gaming

0:37 best part

DJ Navendu

FLAKE, not 'Flack'

mohammad mahdi shafiei

is there a difference in electronically produced music between flac and 320 mp3s?
and does it apply to low frequencies as well? i mean do you get the difference in bass frequencies or is it just for higher frequencies that it becomes important?(assume u have an audio system which is capable of demonstrating the difference)


Ahh a Circuit City closing on the first part of the vid :( Where Service is State of The Art...


Can't find something to convert to wav that ain't 'boutta give me a virus.

Unusual Sky

Why did I get a google ad of linus for pulseware


But i know that WAV is includes all of them?

Lock down

FLAC. ❤️

carlos christopher

.m4a ?

Horizon winangkoso

I just got a Pulsewave ad by Linus

Oktaviani Friska

Update this video please with opus and etc

Calvin C. Gaming

Well Flac directly from CD or 320kbit opus, both very good.

Aloysius Chang

And then there’s me, with a 3 minute flac song that’s 59.9 MB large. It’s a 32-bit stereo-channel FLAC with a sampling rate of 96kHz

Lil Lapis

.wav gang

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