Смотреть Spotify vs. FLAC (ALAC)

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MP3 (OGG Vorbis) vs. ALAC (FLAC).

This video is a comparison of
Spotify Premium Ogg Vorbis (MP3) @ 320 Kbps
ALAC (FLAC) @ 4608 Kbps (24 bit/96KHz) lossless format

Современный и качественный плеер нашел сайта поможет смотреть видео Spotify vs. FLAC (ALAC) на любом устройстве: телефон на android или iOS, или же планшет и тп. Смотрите видео и наслаждайтесь.


Jonathan Cruz

first Spotify not use mp3.

Absolute Longplay

No BS I was able to call it even though it is youtube. Listen to that instrument get watered down.

Gabriel Martinez

how do you know that spotify was streaming as mp3 or ogg


Is Spotify just regular 320 kbps Mp3?


I couldnt hear the diffference

Marcus Christensen

When comparing spotify premium OGG 320kbs to flac i can hear the tiniest difference most clear in upper treble, its at most 3-5% difference at most, wish spotify had flac though.
Edit: when comparing mp3 to ogg at 320kbs i could hear a small difference as well the ogg was a bit better by maybe 2-3%.


why do you have a shitty apple - no offense. Nothing is supported there honestly...

Sergio Quiñones

Writing this one year later, anyway, what is your opinion... what is the diference?

Tysun Yihan

Dude what are you trying to prove here? YouTube compresses the audio so whatever you have recorded ALAC/FLAC it again becomes lossy. You should have given your impressions instead of asking us to guess. Thumbs down for no logical thinking!


I think the laptop has a 16bit sound card so I don't think you'll be able to relay the detail from the file. but IDK

John Scott

Oh my, oh my. You need some education. Ogg Vorbis can be both lossy and lossless. Spotify probably uses it because it is an open format. And Spotify uses encryption. The problem of Spotify and other services including iTunes Store is that many tracks are overdriven, which may introduce distortion to your system. It's my personal experience. People pay for overdriven lousy tracks, that is. This is why it's better to buy CDs and rip them to whatever format than to use Apple Store or Spotify.

Dan Dan

title of the song please?

Ringer UA

Все же, Flac ощутимо лучше, в слепом тесте это чувствовалось даже несмотря на запись звука ...

Filip Bujwid

I can imagine the difference is bigger than we can hear on YouTube , no matter how good source you have after uploading it here it will be downgraded to 320Kbps and 44.1khz , even tho we can still hear speakers reaction to better source , much more crispy high tones and vocals . I'm waiting myself for Pathos InPol Ear , so I can use it as a preamp for my monoblokcs from Advanced Acoustics , let's see how it will go together :) Best regards

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