Смотреть Opus vs Mp3 comparison

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Video download link for better comparison without Youtube's Re-encoding: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZxLglkZ6DUJVeUKQIpFWcuhP4Nx0RL0DurX

Opus is the best, it outperforms mp3 in every way
Use opus instead of mp3

File sizes:
[ music in 16 bit 48khz ]
320kbps Mp3: 9,02MB
192kbps Opus: 3,63MB

64kbps Mp3: 1,55MB
64kbps Opus: 1,57MB

32kbps Mp3: 993kB
32kbps Opus: 0,98MB

320kbps Mp3: 18,1MB
94kbps Opus: 5,47MB
[Original codec of the songs: FLAC]

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Nick Graauwmans

For the ULTIMATE comparison go to my latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJgRtKQDEN0


I'm more impressed with the lower bitrates. It almost sounds like witchcraft

Frédéric Vélu

on the audio point of vue i'm OK with u, but the fact is that OPUS is compatible with nearly Nobody and no devices can play it... the best choice in 2020 is still AAC-LC @ 192 !

Вячеслав Алексеев

There is one unpleasant moment. Opus sounds shitty at bitrates below 88 if you listen in mono (provided the song has a lot of hi-hats). Maybe this is a bug?


Opus should be the codec that was by Spotify man!

Nougator !

Youtube compress the audio to a mp3 format

Kamil Nowak

man this is stupid youtube use 128kb/s anyway. What you hear is youtube codec, not even nearly close to yours files


i use atrac3plus 64 kbps minidisc for walking away

Nicholas Walditama

OPUS the best, Youtube is start using OPUS right now with av01, I compare with Deezer FLAC 44.1 kHz and Youtube music 48 kHz Opus is the winner

Bruno Bassi

Opus 500kbps = flac

Ty Jay

What's the software you used to generate those graphs with?


I read on some forums that opus with bitrate above 160 is overkill.

Rafael Alcon

Dude, is it convenient to convert my mp3s to opus? Or do I need a better codec (flac maybe)? And if that's the case, how can I do it? I'm really noob on this


I've done multiple test but 64kbps opus is already the best quality I can hear, probably because I'm hard of hearing

Fernando Trebien

MP3 is transparent at 192kbps. Opus is transparent at 128kbps. This makes Opus 33% more efficient than MP3 for high quality audio, and it is even more efficient for very low bit rates. That's 33% less bandwidth used when streaming music, or 50% more music files in the same storage space.

Patrick Buswell

Man, the music selection is amazing! hahaha! Thanks for this comparison.

Lucas Ferreira

MP3 is really obsolete


I can’t able to identity difference

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