Смотреть The Dark Side of the Moon: analog & digital comparison (CD, SACD, Vinyl, Tape)

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In this video we explore and compare different digital and analog versions of one of the most famous Pink Floyd's album, the Dark Side of the Moon. In particular we focus on the track 'Money' sourced by:
1990's CD, 2003 anniversary SACD, 2003 anniversary remastered & 1973 original vinyl pressings, XDR - HX Pro cassette tape and reel to reel master tape copy (2 track 15ips)!

(N.B. The actual listening of these versions live, that is reproduced through a Hi-Fi system, is truly incomparable in respect to these digitalized files. The Master Tape copy version is by far the best, although listening to the Hi-Res files the quality is only slightly better. I guess this is the downside of digital audio, conversion and compression processes)

!ATTENTION! - For a better comparison stream or download the high resolution versions (192Khz / 24 bit) of 'Money' of each media following these links:

- CD version:

- SACD version:

- Vinyl (2003 version):

- Vinyl (1973 version):

- Cassette tape version (XDR - HX pro version):

- Master tape copy (2 track 15ips, machine 1) version:

- Master Tape Copy 2 (2 track 15ips, machine 2):


Music: Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon - 'Money'

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Remember to download all these versions in high resolution (192Khz/24bit) in the video description!

Sergio Vetiver

2. Master Tape
3. LP 2003
4. CD
5. LP 1973
6. Cassette

Brian F.

The Master Tape copy R2R is amazing. You are lucky to have that beauty. Next I would say any of the Vinyl LP's. The CD and SACD .... Meh...

Channel Zero

Just because they exist, I want to collect every version of the album Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie. It seems it was released on record, cassette, CD, 8 track, reel to reel, minidisc and DCC. I don't need to do it. I just want to.

Francisco Filipe

A great idea to make comparisons like this

Gert-jan Wassink

I favorite the sacd,Version 2003 for me it cameo close to the mfsl vinyl version


Yo da man.


I am a 67 yo guy, that I grew up with LPs . When the CD s came along I found the sound to be flat compare to a 3 d sound of the LPs. If I close my eys I can see an orchestra and the players on different depth of field located in space. My favorite version is LP 1973. Thanks for your review.

Terry Brown

Master Tape and LP 2003 I thought were the best and cassette wasn't all that great and yes, I could hear the hiss.

Opaque Muse

tape sounds a lot fuller and saturated

Austin Duff

Gay triangle

Smokey Mchrondo

what would it be like if you played all versions simultaneously?

Yorkie Joaquin

Have you ever listened to any Original Master Recording CDs? They're the gold discs made by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.

Chris Morad

Great work here !! i wonder of James Guthrie has seen this video ? :)

Scott Scottsdale

This is a very good video. Thanks so much for taking the time. And my favorite album too. I must say that I prefer the 2003 remix remaster. The percussion is so much crisper and that goes for all formats. But the LPs sound to me a bit richer in mid bass. But i honestly prefer the SACD played on my own system. Maybe you can add in say Tidal or QOBUZ to this? I really like Tidal because it allows for a vast array of listening.

Ryu Mascorro

I honestly wasn't able to tell the difference between the CD, SACD, Vinyl or Tape


the less processing the better...that's why the copy of the master tape sound the best,master tape is the format from the studios before it reproduced on vinyl,i prefer old vinyl or a good old tape cassette,don't have a reel to reel...all the remastering for cd and even the all analog remaster for vinyl are with increased loudness that destroy the magic the you hear and feel with old vinyl in first place

mehmet yüksel

There is no digital Dark Side it's analog

Robert Shine

man would you send me a dircet source of that master? That sounds the best I've heard

Chanz 4 Liz

Listening to these on Spotify

Mauricio Ramírez

por este video me suscribi y no me arrepiento tienes muy buen contenido.

Has Good

Are you Lars’ brother?

Les Widner

I think it's between the original master tapes and the CDs but the vinyl had more of an easy listening sound to it


Most interesting video, Thanks a lot!
The major difference I heard is that the RTR recorded Master Copy has a slight speed difference (slower) than the rest of the sample. It indicates that during the process of copying the Master at least one of the machines speed (playback and/or recording machine) was slightly not calibrated properly.

Danae Pedroza

<3 <3 <3


i cant decide between master tape and the 2003 lp but they sound amazing both


Reel 2 Reel is the best

Loring Mc Crorey

I thought the RE vinyl was not good. It was like someone through a warm wet blanket over the high end.


Amazing video! The master tape was unbelievable!


The 1973 LP sounded best om my audio system.

Patrick Sommer

How is it possible that you have so minimal Vinyl noise?

Mark Kessel

Giving this A/B/C/D comp another listen, it really is a shame their wasn’t any normalization of output amongst mediums, since it can be hard to distinguish sheer volume from EQ hype sometimes.

Mark Kessel

The accuracy of image without dark bass distortion in the r2r tape vs. the 2003 vinyl is very apparent. Listening to two-track 1/4” tape masters has this immediacy of sound balanced with true soundstage that cannot really be replicated... as long as your playback equipment is good and calibrated of course!

gigi gigiotto

why you upsamlpled the cd??? :/ Just leave it at 16 44100 no? I suggest next time to try Extract Audio Copy or EAC, it's a software used to rip cd.

Sunjay Chakre

Amazing comparison took me 2020 to 1984 recordings. Big Thankyou.

Nathan Okle

master then lp 2003

Carlos Reis

Master tape always. CD it´s too much treble.

Joe Maldonado

This comparison is totally useless when processed via YouTube. Also, the SACD must have been mastered very badly. I have recorded LP using 24/96 with a Pro card, and I can say it's virtually impossible to tell the difference vs. the original. Hi-res digital is that good.

Truth Seeker

Master Tape # 1. Where can I buy it. LOL. Great comparisons. Really enjoyed it. Am subscribing now.

wade smit

Cassette tape made it sound like it was coming out of GTA: San Andreas

carlos dias

Vinyl forever!

Владимир Ильич


Gjermund Gusland Thorsen

But through YouTube everything becomes "CD" no? The downloads makes it more complicated yet possible to experience what you are talking about.

Stefan Carlberg

Nice Video . I like your videos they are great . But this focus on over 20 khz . I recommend you EQ down all sound under 20 KHZ and listen & say if you hear something . Not many cassettes goes over 16 Khz in best case they where not constructed for that .
A realy good master tape on R2R is up to 20 Khz at 38 / 76 cm/sec after tape . And yes as close to the original tape is always the best As your mastertape . Anyway Great Video !!
I have the reissue on LP Remasterd 2016 i Like that one alot :)


Any comments about Mobil Fidelity Sound Lab's AAD Original Master recording of Dark Side of the Moon in the 24k Gold CD ?

Jeewan De Silva

My generation is different, people like their own decade I guess... Thank you

Steven Haywood

Really enjoyed this, I am long time vinyl freak I I have 3 versions of dark side on vinyl but the master tape was the best to my ear, big surprise was the cassette tape, yes you could hear the tape hiss but I believe it was better than both cds. How about a comparison of digital steaming? Or is that sareligious for an audiophile? I trying to work out if it's worth paying more for Tidal than Spotify?


Aren't "remastered" (cd) newer versions supposed to be better?

Gregory Chervier

I've downloaded your 192k file from the master tape copy (machine 1) and fed it to my Marantz SA14-S1 SE which is an SACD player that also has a USB Dac. As I have a copy of the 30th anniversary edition on SACD I then compared directly my copy to the file you provided. I have listened to both twice and I have to say that the SACD version sounds a lot better to my ears. But your reel-to-reel tape deck was not connected directly to my amp, so the whole audio signal has been through several pieces of equipment from the tape to my sound system. So I cannot really compare this way. I would have to download your SACD recording as well to hear the difference.


Your initiative it is ok, but you talk so much, and it lose the sense of video.

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