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High-Resolution Audio is audio that uses a higher sampling rate than in CDs and MP3s for the encoding and playback of music.
Listening to Hi-Res music allows you to pick up on the subtle details and nuances that you would hear in a recording studio.
This video helps you to understand what is different and how it enhances listening experience.

Sony High-Resolution Audio products let you hear music as the artist intended.

Современный и качественный плеер нашел сайта поможет смотреть видео What is High-Resolution Audio? на любом устройстве: телефон на android или iOS, или же планшет и тп. Смотрите видео и наслаждайтесь.


Don Don Don

8:30 if the frequencies are inaudible, how do they effect the character of the sound?

Hawk Pradhap

You can use Dithering to increase Dynamic Range even for 16Bit CD from 96dB to 120dB its enough for human Listening

Shaik Abdus Salaam

Listening on hi-res certified earphones.

Serge the Cat

Lovely video! :)

David Le

Why has high resolution audio 44.1 KHz CD, 48 KHz DVD, 96 - 192 KHz HD-Blu-ray while speakers have frequency responses 20 Hz - 20 KHz for human hearing ranges?

Aldi Nazar Basuki Wijaya

Wow my ear is so deaf listening this. Also my cheap smartphone and headphones can't tell the difference.

igy bulsen

SONY IS THE BEST ????????????♥️

Andres Toro

Bla bla bla.

Peter Moeller

Unfortunate that Sony twists the facts and misleads people... i guess to sell gear that has the HighRes stcker on it?

Especially that highres will give a much better music experience is highly subjective and in most cases untrue. Music moves us, bits and bites do not. And to be able to even notice high res, the earbuds that came with the phone will not be enough. With that better gear (that Sony wants to sell us) the differences are suble, sometimes not noticeable at all.

With the right gear it is possible to hear a difference between highly compressed MP3 and Wav/Flac, but even better quality compressed formats are much closer to the original. The differences standard to high res are subtle, unnoticeable for many.

When studios work in 24 bit that is mainly to have more headroom in recording. The finished product can be converted to 16 bit without noticeable losses.

In a nutshell, nobody "needs" high res. For the vast majority of people high res will just fill up storage space faster. But the indusrty wants to sell new gear to us, so they push high res.


Songs for dogs to listen.


The fact that this is a 320 kbps audio tracks is the biggest irony.


2:18 is that the black couch aka casting couch

Kuro Shiro

DSD gang rise up

Philly Cheese Take

0:48 "In most cases a quality that makes even CD sound flat and lifeless in comparison".
Outright, bald-faced lie. This idiot, and the idiot who wrote this nonsense, don't belong in a company which prides itself on sound engineering. Take a signal theory class, moron.

Heath Watts

High resolution is a way for capitalism to sell us over-priced products that we can't hear. 20,000 Hz is the limit of human hearing for 99.99% of humans. Anything above CD quality is a rip off. Double blind tests support my assertion. Sony has some snake oil to sell you. Save money and buy CD quality music. Invest in better speakers or better headphones, if you want a better listening experience.

Palash Kale

U didn't need to animate the hand drawing it.. U could've just drawn stuff... It was distracting...


And then Sony shows the MDR-Z1R giving 120000hz

Tarik Tarilonte

The paper folding analogy is incorrect. A folded sheet of paper keeps the same volume.

Umedha Rajaratne

I really want a sony earphone ????any model... Nothing is near to sony sounds

Terra Nova

16bit 44khz is already a hi-res format. They just didn't consider name it when the engineers invented it. I'm watching these ridiculous videos but none of them yet to claimed high sampling rate formats contain more information in audio band.

dulantha sampath

I do love beautiful music not hires

Audiophiles Community

Meridian are pioneers In HI RES AUDIO

Djan go fast

turn off the noise gate on your mic


If mp3 is a folded paint, then vinyl is the paint and cd is it's fotocopy


”Human hearing goes up yo 20khz”, ”this format recreates sounds higher than that”, why would I care?


i hate hi resolution audio of bad music and love hi resolution audio of good music.

Chris G.

I thought the improved emotional response was just me being eccentric about high definition audio

Naveed Hassan

This wasn't a very accurate video. ????

Alejandro Chun Mei

Snake oil, I'll stick to recording, mixing, mastering and listening at 44.1 khz and 24 bits, since we can't hear beyond 20-20k and 130db without going deaf and that range gets narrower for most of us through age, not to mention what are the chances that headphones with one driver that can reproduce beyond 20khz end up having an unwanted destructive effect on the other frequencies? Or what about poorly recorded, poorly mixed and poorly mastered tracks?, How's "hi-res" going to fix that?


What accent is that?

Jose Manuel

So, if we hear a MP3 from High Resolution Sistem? It's suppose to bring all the details again?

malikul abdullah

just another snake oil...


Interesting accent. I have never heard anything like this before.

Elephant In The Room

SACD and DVD audio had this in 1999, and 2000, they also went up to 5.1 in 24 bit/192khz


You don't need HiRes to improve on CD's, you need better DAC. Digital to Analogue Audio convertion was around the 1990s at a peak, with every month new CD-players with better DACs onboard. Then everything had to be made cheaper, to make the profit margins healthy. Your CD's sound cold, harsh, processed? Chances are your DAC is doing a poor job.
And streaming HiRes over your headphones connected to the 3.5 AUX 's tiny little DAC, or even worse a cramped bluetooth connection, will not make any improvement.

John Mark

hahaha...sony..what do you expect...


Amazing, Sony. Can't wait for WH-1000XM4.

Corz Illa

too hilp you bitter undertand.


Now there are programs that repair improves audio and video on your PC

Truth Teller

This is what i dont.... You spend all this money on expensive players, cables and processors just to use basic RCA cables on the output end going to the amplifiers. If I am wrong, someone please correct me because rca isn't capable for hi res

Jeremy Travis

Well explained from a professional. I got it all.

Vic G

very cool. I hope the price is reasonable.... not something ridiculous like $20 plus dollars for a download. I will stick to low res free downloads, lol.

Tuấn Lê

Is it my headphones or this video has hi-res audio

Flat Eric

Ooh....oooh.....I know the answer....unnecessary

Ajay Manoj

Love this already , I wish I could buy Sony's latest walkman.

Tech Land

So no flac only mp3 and aac?

The Walkman Guy

There is nothing high resolution.. music should be good .. ????



Too fat too curious

Big budget video ????


the best quality human can hear with the best hearing and the best gear is 44.1/16. you don't ever need higher for listening. thou you need higher for recording and mixing. what makes much bigger difference is acoustic quality and even more is room acoustics. the best you can do for your music experience is to place your speakers correct and damp your room

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