Смотреть Members Trying Moby "Flower" Push Ups

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Check out a group of our members last night attempting "Sally Up / Sally Down" Push ups to Moby "Flower" Song.

Современный и качественный плеер нашел сайта поможет смотреть видео Members Trying Moby "Flower" Push Ups на любом устройстве: телефон на android или iOS, или же планшет и тп. Смотрите видео и наслаждайтесь.



I only can do 1 min

Shane Carless

It’s only 30 push-ups but holy shit

Aneta Petrášová

WOW :)

zombie crew inc.

wow people are Stupid they should be ashamed for this seriously ????????????


This is why I googled Moby Flower, this is what I came for.

Michał Nowoć

This workout is brilliant!

Syrrys Aver

What is this! No pulsing on the clap breaks? Weak sauce.

Jonathan T

I dont know rather to view this as extremely awesome or extremely gay

Regan :D

My brother did this all the way through and then some. I'm so proud of him!! :D


i did it, i'm proud

Joseph Schubert

1:30 come on guys, don't lose your form half way through, you've got pretty girls watching. XD

2:30 The last man standing has just shown himself to be an attractive prospect to those girls. :}

3:30 Well, there's a guy whose arms will be jelly for the next hour. (speaking from experience.)

Alan Douglas

Stops after 13?


The guy who finished was touching his chest to the floor wasn't he? Surely that doesn't count?


That's a pretty good, fun idea. I gave it a shot and got to about 2 min.

kendal sumrall

Wow... I'm 11 and a girl and yesterday in gym class we did this and everyone had good form the whole time through. All except one of the guys made it through the whole song, yet my whole gym class(6th grade boys and girls) made it through the whole song. So these guys kinda suck.

Cam Stewart

Oh come on it's only 30 push-ups lol 

Even with good form this is a strenuous exercise, both mentally and physically. Those pauses will burn you out quick

Fid Era

Someone get these guys some mass gainers


2 of you had the right form 
the others were terrible xD 


come on! let's see the ladies trying!

Yuhhboi Mike

Impressive could not pull that off if I tried. Didn't know how much of an intense workout song that could be.

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