Смотреть Flowers (with Lyrics) - Moby (Bring Sally Up and Bring Sally Down Song)

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I really do not know why I did this, I was kind of bored xD

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Mark Mc.Lovin '

Gone in sixty seconds opening


Fuck doing this with squats holding a 45lbs plate its light for the first few reps then it goes down hill. But damn it I loved doing this in weight lifting class and in football practice seeing all the big bois and little bois struggle and everyone stumbling when heading to the locker rooms, great memories

Matthew Rybarczyk



y’all do the squats ? we do the one we’re you hand under yo butt and you lift legs up and down

John Doe



아니 힘들다....... 시범단에서.....


FUN FACT: the lyrics are actually “green sally up, and green sally down”. Never in the song does it say the word “bring”.


i used to have to do this in gymnastics and it was hell????


Bruh I remember when they made boys do it with full pushups and girls did it on their knees ????

lilballer 690890

Only survived 51 seconds????

pakoisaias 39

0:54 wish me luck I'll be doing this until I can get through the whole song


We’ve been abused with this song

Bryan Cheng

Day 26:
Still waiting for her to tell me to bring Sally up..


Sally's gonna stay down because my entire body is dead

Can’t change the past

I just found out that this song was about slaves.????I’ve been working out to this for a year!!!!!

Anthony Natali

Don’t mind my ignorance, but who exactly is sally in the exercise? I get everything else, like Lucy being gone meaning that it’s time for torture. It’s just the sally part that I don’t quite understand. Maybe it’s good ole fashioned name calling? Can someone please clarify?

It’s just me

We had to do plank-ups to this at football practice

Sean Conners

My Warrant Officer trucked ya into thinking we would by singing along. Fml.


dance teacher: plays this*
students: eternal pain*

Mary Stroughton

The lady and puppy doing push-ups in Woof Woof brought me here.

Connor McGonigle

If you can lift to this you’re a fucking astronaut

Howard Huang

Thanks for showing mercy from 3:25 to 3:27.

some guy

Your chest muscles will never get sore after this because they will cease to exist.

Sync Prod.

Fuck u

Jake Weaver

Fuck the creator of this song you absolute piece of shit.

Frostbyte the Medic

When you hear this at basic you know “you done and fucked up private”


ROTC loved this, was killer but after awhile the body gets used to it. I miss ROTC

Mary Grech

Couldn't think of anything else to write for this song just keep repeating it over and over and over ! But love it

David Gould

Ah this brings memories to basic training

Travis Schultz

RDL’s for the hammies ????

Kenworth Shepherd

Gone in 60 seconds


Gone In 60 Seconds


JROTC here

Alex Willis

Sally the kind of girl that's a 10 hot and a 10 crazy. Date but never marry material

KiD Juicy

I do this at the gym with my boys.

Chips Racing sport

It's not bring its green* know the real words of it

Freddy the fazbear Salafia


Daryissaplayz 231

Me, talking to my mother: I would never kill anyone for any reason!
Someone: *Plays this*
Me: There is one exception

Creek Boys Fishing

Yeah do the pushup one and when you go down dont touch the ground with your body. Its officially my new least favorite thing to do at wrestling practice.

The Philosopher's Cat

This is the most repetitive song I like despite it having been used on my during PT.

Bryce _Playz

Bryce Harper btw

Emily Legg

When my gym plays this song literally the hole gym starts laughing it is so funny.

Does enyone else miss gymnastics because of covid19

isaiah MC

Squats are easy, we did the push up challenge is basic training, could barley stay still when we had to hold it????


How about drinking shots?

What the

Gone in 60 seconds anyone?

Lexie Gaskin

Old Miss Lucy isn’t the only thing dead and gone

Samuel Eggemeyer

Good old Iron Man Football ????

Kikigirl_playz_ roblox

This song is good for workouts

אור אסתר

How many calories do you burn?

Suga's swag

We do this for dance and ot burns and when he starts the "old miss lucys" part we have to do squat pulses

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