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BTS News | BTS MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 THE JOURNEY ALBUM ANNOUNCED | JAPANESE COMEBACK IS JULY 15. 4 new songs: Intro: Calling, Stay Gold, Your eyes tell and Outro: The Journey.


Hey ARMY, I’m back with another BTS update video. Today we are talking about BTS’ new album! Yes!! We have the official announcement for BTS’ new Japanese album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 THE JOURNEY!

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Anne T

In Germany it came out on the 14th of July and that was my birthday

ViggsTube HD

im so exiteddddd :)

Sonia Prinkle Adlin Dsouza

Beautiful song written and produced by JUNGKOOK ????????

Shelino Jimomi

My birthday is on 15 July????????????
I'm gonna welcome the album as a birthday gift from BTS

Aiza Khan

When new song of bts will release ???? do you know about exact date and time????????????????


Who’s here after Stay Gold’s mv has been released?

Judith Sales

Guys please lets Break the new record of bp for this new mvs!!
We really need to get that record!!

The new record is 81m in 24h

Guys please tell the others and start to research of how to stream properly okay!!

We can do this


Man Bts out here making sure we good for qurantine????❤️

김 데이 쉐리예쁜

You will know

We are going on a journey

Sad Gorl

Buy in all seriousness i love BTS so much they keep alive ❤️❤️???? and thank you for the informational video i really appreciate it!!

Sad Gorl

Mann im being fed soo much bts gotta chill????✨❤️ im already close to obesity lol

Jindora The Explorer

Waitttt so is there not gonna be a normal album with all new songs in korean later this year, so three comebacks or is this the last one this year im so confused

Violet Loaeza

I'm so exited!!!

Cami-chan’s Art

My christmas list is gonna be so long istg

Baby Diminie

bro i saved up lke £60 I´m broke


stay gold is a fucking bop

Suha Nuha

Map of the soul era is literally a mashup of all the BTS eras. If BigHit drops short films like the wings we are gonna be dead NOTE IT.

I was literally jungshooketh when the popular BTS songs were included in the Japanese album as Japanese ver.! And MUSIC VIDEOS? We are going to be obese by 2021...

I feel so proud that I became a ARMY in late Persona era oof. ????

Khushboo Chauhan

Am so excited ????????????????


I so wish the Japanese dvd's had English subtitles :(

cynddii teng

I oso love the pic so much n hope to get it too lol but so ex LOL ????????????

Rolando Leal

WoW the album COME OUT ON MY BIRTHDAY LIKE whaa~ whyy

⟭⟬ ⟬⟭

I love how he always Fanboys very hard in all of his videos????????????

Calm down My daughter

I'm so slow with dis???? I was focused on making videos and watching tiktok but wth this comes up thank you!!!!!!!


bts : young,smart and rich (+handsome AF)7
me : young,dumb and broke (+looks like potato BURNT POTATO)

Jae Oli

Your Eyes tell might be the new magic shop, since it is written by JK. it might be a song for army

Swaleha Khan

Congress guys # bts army fan Allah may bless you

algos_d.k ht


May 23: unknown

June 13: their anniversary

June 14: bangbang con live

July 15: new album

Jenna Shaabna

I really hope it’s a dark concept

nada raid

اريد ترجمة الفيديو ????????????

Brianna Castillo

Wait but like were can we pre order??

Kpoper 4ever

At what hourrrrrrr?

Irma Riah

i m so excited to see ????????????

Queentje Nicolas


cabbageee patchhh

will there be concept photos and teasers if so pls tell me when

Micki Q

I can picture your freak out with mentions of Jungkook. I just need to hear your voice and can see in as if you are on the screen. LOL love your updates.

Mukta Mahmud

I m so excited for their new album....they will rock as always....cz they r limitless....????????????????

Thushara Sajeewa

July 15????

Princess of a King

Why no English album

Princess of a King

Why do they keep saying ‘map of the soul” why don’t they change it

Christy Flores

They also have there album that they are self producing that is supposedly coming out in October.We are being over fed guys. 3 albums in one year,Let's go.


So.........they think we are made of money???


Is it in Japanese? And can u get it in the USA?

Sophia Milne

i think Joon said he wanted another song like Spring Day sooo....

Purple Moon477

if they go for some jazz vibe or something, I'll die in peace

Elena Ibar

Omg 2 days after my BDay


Yes but unfortunately we can not buy it because it will not ship here to America. Yep, I was so ready to buy it but we don’t get that opportunity.

Rafaela Martins

I'm not ready ;-;

Roxanna Juarez

Can't Wait ????

Jesus Gatica

Coronavirus: I cancelled your Concert
Big Hit: We realised a new album
Coronavirus: (rekt)

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