Смотреть Anne-Marie & James Arthur - Rewrite The Stars [from The Greatest Showman: Reimagined]

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"Rewrite The Stars" from the album 'The Greatest Showman: Reimagined'.
Download/Stream Now: https://Atlantic.lnk.to/TGS_ReimaginedID

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So excited to see this finally be released! Hope you love it ❤

Ryan Tan Suswanto

what if music industries ban autotune ? it is suck to hear a fake sounds.

Sprints William

sadam adam montgomery anal niche thipto hominid anus

Yasarah Mohd Yunus

Others : Streaming how you like that every day

Me : Watching this song every day

Also me : Ha How you like that

LA Ruben Caluag

Anne-Marie's really gorg here

Ultra Demon

I think original is better, then your scream and auto-tune

Jennifer Ailen Erimiakhena

It's up to us to be wat we want to be..... No matter the mountains in front......

Jasmine Singh

I just got FULL body chills

Klevis Xibrraku

This was our song but she threw me for her ex who had previously betrayed her 2 times????

Lucía Vizcardo

Alguien que escuche musica en ingles y hablé español???

Lucía Vizcardo

Amo está canciónooooon

Creampie Kun

Re rewrite the stars
No no one can rewrite the stars
Run away from the stars
Far away
Where no one can reach us


His voice is autotuned to Hell.

Felipe Carvalho


White Hole

Anne - Marie’s dress has designed by a Turkish women at least I know that

Azra Nehir Kıvrak

Iscriviti al mio canale

Azra Nehir Kıvrak


Cool Abhi

Anne Marie is so pretty ????❤

ãmplïfy gāmér

Who came here from Zack knight song

Inci Oyunda

Türk yok mu ya ????

Winter Bear

I think this song is really so good that

Arianne Grande doesn’t have the money to but what she wants anymore
Twenty one pilots lost one of its pilots
Shawn Mendes found his way in Japan again
Eminem finally ate a M’n’M
Pink has turned into Green
And hotel isn’t my tru ago anymore...

Hashirama Senju

why are they even using that much autotune on James' voice? It's like putting sugar on honey.

Mishu Kim

Girl with insecurities should get a Man with a thinking like this....????

Daniel Jbaily

Almost two years and this song will never get old ever

Beata Charkiewicz

Super.jeazcze w drodze nie wiem co będzie bo ponoć wystaje pod klatka

Airin Khan

Favourite song❤

markchristian Fuerte

Best Cover of Rewrite The Stars❤ and also have a Beautiful Harmony and Rendition of Voice!????❤

Martada Albsher

Your singing is beautiful and wonderful. I hope to get the dream girl

Iam Joergen

Is quarantine over? ????

Naomi Shahgeldyan

I don't want to rewrite the stars,

I want to rewrite 2020 ????

Rindiani Rara

I think this song was created for people who can't be together because they have a partner ????

Ramz T.V

pabili yelo

Orange Ivy Playschool Market Yard

I like the greatest showman(original) rewrite the stars hit like button if u think the same

Praveen Girihagama

Please , lose weight. You are soooooo beautiful in this . Plz lose weight. Then you will be very very beautiful. I love you very much.

Jhay Santos

i really love your voice anne marie

Free Publicman

Goose bumps

Alyson Dinggus

yesterday trailer

Meet Goraya



Jesus this is horrible compared to the zendaya and zac efron version


I love the energy btwn them while they sing they did so great in this

asia wedderburn

james looking extra foine

Trust :None

Why didn’t I know this existed it’s amazing


when they where singing at ea
ch other they were both smiling

Arvin Pescadero

I really like this song am listening many times

Nob Reed

Salute frontliners

Tshewang Dema

James arthur's voice is the best version and anna marie is rocking star .

kavisen moonien

I love it

Angel Adriel

Dude sounds like he has a frog in his throat and uses auto tune.... how the hell did this get 200 million views? Lol y’all have shit taste

S h a d o w

I cant believe im only finding this song now

Annalise Lebon

Love this song now and forever ❤️

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