Смотреть The Greatest Showman Cast - Rewrite The Stars (Official Audio)

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The Greatest Showman Cast - Rewrite The Stars (Official Audio)

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Luiza Issa

Eu cantei dancei muito galera eu Tirei na cadeira rodas ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Isobelle Higgins

Zac Efron is ugly you can't change my mind

Khadiza z.siddique2022

When they say why don't we......that reminds me of the band

My limelight friends will understand

Bethany Ellis

I like Anne she does gymnastics and so she had some fun gymnastics skills and so I want to do the greatest showman like her. Then I can do her gymnastics stuff because I did gymnastics. I would like go with her, as well.

Tiny Mouse

Tom Holland has left the chat.

samira_amal abdi

Lol shes Beautiful

Deb Blackmore

Absolutely brilliant amazing film actors music spot on keep going keep strong keep safe sending love from headway Nottingham UK this is me I have hypoxia brain injury well done xxxxxxxxxxx

Paige Wallace

Love you guys

Nathan Rosen

these times are not nice

Anais malfoy

I’m _ Cracked

Who else is listening to this while watching the the ARDYs Summer playlist??

Slimane Mezahem



Totemo ii kyoku dane
Zac Efron ga etti dane
horeta o

Kitty Kat 4 Life

Every time I see anything to do with this movie all I can imagine is the producers contacting Zendaya and being like Do you wanna join the circus ????????????


It’s not a secret I try to hide
Wat secret teLl Meh

Ashleigh Wyine

take me to church

Ching Hernandez

When i talk to my crush who liked me first

Lets rewrite the stars!

Tia Grooms

This is what music should be like ????


My boyfriend is brown and from diffrenet religion. our countries are anemies.. but love can win all the hate around. even if your nations hate each others, religion, color. you still can look each other in the eyes and feel all the light in the world. everything is possible

Em lap

I love this song

connor Ellis

I like this song ????????

FleischerFred Minecraft

My favorites (Zac and Zendaya) sing a duett together!❤❤❤❤❤

Zahoua Mofek

Fuck you

Em lap

I am thinking about this song when I think about this boy


i realy wish i was peter parker

Jessica Smith

My dream would be that zendaya and Zach get married ❤️

nic nichol


BL Lyrics

I really miss High school musical and im so inlove on the greatest showman????

Ana Berrios

Gabriella's shook

Frankie Leung

Is this just me or do they look cute together af

taeeun kim

awesome musical movie

iconiC Eyelash

Me trying to figure out why i keep seeing zac blink in the picture and wondering if i maybe shouldnt have had that huge coffee

jihye jang

I like this song, but I like this movie too!!!!

This song is perfect music..Oh..I'm so happy when I listen this song!

Penguin's Ever

Tom Holland left the chat

Elimara Chee

hdhf7 hshchchd

Elimara Chee

hfifhfiegcjrb kdjc

Elimara Chee

soo sad

Mada Sylla

My favourite song after Never enough


Hi there


Would i sing this song to my crush?

Amajiki Tamaki

Please, give me a 5 minutes to talk about how the bit is amazing, so emotional
I wish my friend would sing this with me-

Oh, wait, I don't have friends...
Who want's to sing with me?

Sisters Club

When I am on a diet :
"You think it's easy?You think I don't wanna run to you?"
To:Food not on my diet

Karlee Demirjian


Karebear •

This Song- Exist
Gabriella- Am I a joke to you?


Just came here from watching her First video and seeing how far she’s come i’m so proud and happy for her ????????

Cedrick Yuk

forever love troy bolten

Brandon Bond

Ghzjshtxkffifiyyuskxyxuduudidhsys angular 7 give me a ring tonight with you put my number 07529 6569 Brandon and Michael Jason Charlie and father Charlie Michael car

Spotlesssky AJ

My favorite song I love this

•Cuddle bears•

Me:looks for sugar
Surgar:I’m not the one you were meant to find. :<


Gabriela be real quiet now ????????????

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