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Check out the new music video for The Greatest Showman starring Zac Efron! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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Starring: Zac Efron, Zendaya
Directed By: Michael Gracey
Synopsis: Celebrates the birth of show business and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

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Современный и качественный плеер нашел сайта поможет смотреть видео The Greatest Showman Lyric Video - Rewrite the Stars (2018) | FandangoNOW Extras на любом устройстве: телефон на android или iOS, или же планшет и тп. Смотрите видео и наслаждайтесь.


johnathon martinez

imperial march

*Azumi_Sketches *

Must’ve been weird to kiss a guy that’s 9 years older than you or it was acting


I know it’s dumb, but I really can’t get over that there’s like a 9 year age difference between Zac and Zendaya.

Cora Cajiles

It's not 2018 it's 2017

Sophey Marquez


Miguel Muniz

Omg ???? ????

grace kluchka

thotiana blueface

Jay 017J

If Tom Holland sees this, he be like "Really?"

Tyrone Brailsford

Rewrite the Stars
Everyone is a star

elsa Pojas

This is my favorite song rewrite the stars who like this song


I’ve never seen this movie so somebody please tell me: do they end up together? ????

Najma Abdi

I love it it's so amazing and beautiful

Yoan Sutarto

When you write a songfic with this song and cry from your own songfic. ????????

Pourvi Dighe

Everything about this song is perfect.

Amoma Conrad

i love you.

Kitaro Collent

Tom has left the chat.



Alexis Xellus

Falling again to this

Max Angelo

Make me falling in love again to someone,music and lyric it’s very amazing

Amie Cameron

Why would zendaya date someone else?Not zac efron

Mariajose Benavides

i lovet so beautiful

Leilani Tinnerello

Music is amazing...it...it has WAY more feeling and love...it makes me want to cry????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It would also help me go to sleep????i wish they kissed ????

Leilani Tinnerello

My fav part was 0:54

Jason Auw

My gf watched this since it came out but I never did back then. I never like this type of genre movie. One day we were looking for a movie to watch but she would like to see this movie again and I said no let's watch the action and sci-fi instead, huge disagreement between us eventually turned into an argument ( we hardly argue ever) and created an awkward atmosphere. I ended up apologizing and turn on The Greatest Showman movie. The beginning of the movie was amazing because of the music then I begin to dwell on the story until it hit this scene. I was a bit emotional and we both cry a bit and hug each other, I never thought myself in a lifetime will fall in love in this type of movie. Often times I turned on Pandora and listen to The Greatest Showman soundtrack it never gets boring because the lyric is so meaningful.

jhow Oliver

Caraiiiiiiiii zendaya meu deusssssss

Popsicle8232 Roblox

Zack trying to hard he literally catched and rolled bruhhh

Ashanti Medrazo

2:23 my fav part
Cuz this part gives me chills idk why

Popsicle8232 Roblox

My favorite part was when zendaya push him of and she was like bye sister

Fauese Liaina

Love it

Darkwing Dave

This song is AMAZING!!!!

Rejane Lima


shanley _YT cookies

This song is soo perfect the voice I love it my mom love this song and my boyfriend

Crowned One

Virgo actually going around getting things done and libra is just following her around like a hopeless romantic lost puppy
Sept. 27 here✋????

Mishi Medrazo

2020 anyone?

Vhiya,andCarole Mallanao

Wow datsasam

Emilia Steidle

Really Magical


When there's random Korean comments

안녕하세요 여러분

Helena Kahua

If only ............????????????????????


영화 ost가 다좋아

Shannkn Lik

I never though in a million year that zac efron or zendaya will ever be in a show or movie.. so

La Jacquelinsita

Naaa,son mejores las canciones de High school musical

Tinaggvbvb Gonzales

everything is perfect . lyrics, choreography, even the artist. . .


I wonder if Tom Holland sees this.


띵곡 들으러 온 한국인 손 ????

Ethelle John Padernal

December 2019

The Nightmaric Senpai

That ending tho is very heartbreaking

Cosmic Nebula

i wanna sing this to my crush

husky lover

And im here but ill admit this song is fantastic ????

Suraj Shinde

Rewrite The Stars ⭐️

Lily Chancey

Literally every comment: I’m here

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