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As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin'
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto
And his mama cries
'cause if there's one thing that she don't need
it's another hungry mouth to feed
In the ghetto

People, don't you understand
the child needs a helping hand
or he'll grow to be an angry young man some day
Take a look at you and me,
are we too blind to see,
do we simply turn our heads
and look the other way

Well the world turns
and a hungry little boy with a runny nose
plays in the street as the cold wind blows
In the ghetto

#ElvisPresley #IntheGhetto #Vevo

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probably the best song ever

Tim Mill

I mean, the mom could actually take the time to marry a decent guy. But I guess a family structure is "White supremacy".

Mr S

The best is Ray on Everybody Loves Raymond singing this


I was just thinking about how amazing it is that this song is relevant 50+ years later.
But it isn't. This song shouldn't be amazing, or relevant, and yet it is. Every last word still applies today and it really sucks.


Cartman was here

Martin Fraiser

Elvis freestyle.......

Andrew Peter Finnegan

In the Ghetto of Manchester.

Samuel Romero

One time for Elvis' grandson, Benjamin... You will be missed, handsome! ????❤️ R.I.P.


???? ~~~~~~~ E L V I S P R E S L E Y , immortal F O R E V E R K I N G !!! ????

beautiful mama

R.I.P Benjamin Keough Elvis Grandson who just passed away today


Return the time please rip for Elvis Presley ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Señor Biggles

Eric Cartman

sharon Murphy

for my mum

Helga W

wonderful song, Elvis was so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barrett Fenwick

That's just the way it is... Somethings will never change... That's just the way it is...


Speed up to 2× for a speedy song if your inpatient for the ghetto

Mr Mask

Cartman braaah !!!


that one episode of new girl...

Sabina By Sabina Photography

This is my favorite Elvis song. Beautiful but so heartbreaking ????


I like

Eric Bartman

Who else thinks that in GTA V they should be an option when the characters all commit suicide and this song plays ? That would be sad ????

Chicano Duke

My Cousin was shot n tortured n killed,,,,he sang this song karaoke,,and it was played at his funeral...it always hits home because we grew up poor,,,I never heard this song until his funeral..it hurts to know he lived his life this way,,,only to be killed...somehow when I hear this song he lives through it..

Melissa Fearnley

this reminds me of my dad ????

Tamara Bedford

Love this song reminds me of my dad

Leonard McDonald

Many people don't know this song was written by Mac Davis. When Elvis heard it He said He had to have it. This song made Mac Davis famous.

Karl Bleckhorns


PusheenDaSavy 64

Everyone is here because of south park


White man succeeded off black music tf

Greg Williams

Whoa, thats Elvis? I never heard him sing like that, I thought he was the carefree singer type, he sounds so angelic in this.

Kevin arancibia marquez

man this feel so good when youre out off the ghetto and you mama didnt cry your death.
this is for my mans and womans that made out the hood and never come back and made your mama cry

Robert Waterhouse

One of his very best tracks. From his incredible period at the end of the 60s.

Ensign MJS

The official song for sexual education and condoms.

Arlo Cordell


Jada Burgess

new girl anyone


What kills me is how he inserts no race, but we all know..

Simply Sisi


randy beard

It is 2020 in the Ghetto of Chicago--just wonder how many young men Died Today--All Lives Matter!!!

Mark Servis Jr

Re-watching everybody loves Raymond he sings this it's funny

Donna C.

I feel I'm LIVING IN THE GHETTO now????I HATE IT!! 2020

Papo Figueroa


Eric Willmann

Chanson inoubliable pour moi.... Super jolie

Beau Littzen

McKay James Please God bless and rest this soul.

Sandys Oliveira

muito bom

Claire Ryan

Oh I know that feeling

You First

BLM theme song.


Can we talk about fatherless black families yet?

Rio wickham

Happy Fathers Day Dad....miss you so much.... #ElvisNo1fan ... love you....

Queen LoveOfMyLife

Beautiful message that should break your heart.

Harley Davidson13

This song explains what this world has came to

Furious Sherman

I imagine this had to be a very personal song to Elvis since he grew up in a very poor area of Tupelo.

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