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In My Life (Remastered 2009) · The Beatles

Rubber Soul

℗ 2009 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group)

Released on: 1965-12-03

Associated Performer, Vocals, Guitar: John Lennon
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist, Bass Guitar: Paul McCartney
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist, Guitar: George Harrison
Associated Performer, Drums, Tambourine, Bells: Ringo Starr
Associated Performer, Piano, Producer: George Martin
Composer Lyricist: Paul McCartney
Composer Lyricist: John Lennon

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although I hold affection for all the people in my life, I find that letting go of somebody who was so dear to you is the hardest thing to do. whether it is death or not. its the moments you created with special people, and you hope these people never forget.. even if it’s just talking to some person over the phone who lives halfway around the world from you.. it’s all of that and more. letting go is hard.

Paul Morris

What a tune that speaks truth x

Elida Pacheco

La canción de mi vida!!!!????

Tanya Hanna

My testimony as told by me..I reject thief evil... destruction of mankind..choose shoal.. recorded pre flood...everyone destroyed can't be undune... prescription..the brothers Grimm..????‍♀️????????????????

Tanya Hanna

Put up salvation message Everytime they talk how I rejected the false gospel...choose shoal... registration pre flood .. eternal separation from evil...Tanya Hanna.. brothers Grimm..????‍♀️????????????????

mateo aguilera

all my loife

Lawrence Teoxon

i miss you dad , i love you


I wrote this on an oversized card in Tacoma, WA, in December 1980 for John. RIP


everyone talking bout their dead relatives and i can only think about how i didnt even know what a ringo was when my grandpa died

Kadie KadieMahadave

This is my dad's favorite Beatles song and he always plays it when me and him often listen to music and for the most odd reason we both end up crying in the end of the song and it gets me every time that is true music and there's nothing better then the Beatles greatest of all times truly

Merle DeLong

This song is a reflection of my life.

Oliver Atienza

My dad's mobile phone (which I gave him as a Christmas gift) automatically play this song consistently without no one touching it every birthday that I had for the last four years (July 17). He passed away four years ago due to lung cancer at age 75. I remember my dad as a fine intellectual man and a talented musician (he was a writer/journalist by profession) and was a big fan of The Beatles ever since. He was a great influence to me when it comes to music specially during my youth. I miss my father. I will always remember you, dad, in my life.

Steve C

If you know a better, more poignant song than this, then you are very fortunate.


This was/is my favorite song from Rubber Soul...played that album almost continually in the summer of '66...

Adela Abascal


Jordan Tube

This defines everyone live we all have places and memories and some we will never lose affection and stop and think about them

Smoked Salmon

Ignore the 7.4 dislikes. They aren’t ready.

rimhl mtz

This song always sure makes me cry ???? of nostalgia

Cristian Garcia


George George


Darth Vader

i can feel the warmth


This is the best song on the album, 2nd is nowhere man.

tomas br

why is john the only one looking at the camera

Bobby Serrato

Such a haunting melody. When I hear I'm amazed..John Lennon had such a way to portray what he saw as real. He was an old soul..????

Júlio César

13/07/2020 ????????

Gary Fletcher

Sitting now in a pub near John's house in Liverpool listening to this classic.

Jeff Venneman

foo fighters everlong

Ran Dam01

last song I want to hear, and I mean that in a good way.

John Walls

Who's listening ???? in 2020 to this masterpiece?!

chad capalla

hi am presley

Brandon cesar Gutierrez lopez




Sylvana Hernandez

Soo love this song. Yes! Love them all. Saw George play a RB version of this in Detroit W 75 or 76..


"In My Life" was the last song I ever sang to my first dog, Daisy. She was a one-of-a-kind English Setter who lived to be fifteen. Daisy saw my family through some of our most serious medical crises, as well as some of our greatest triumphs. While she was not the smartest dog in the world, she had a beautiful heart and loved her family above everything else. On the day she was put to sleep, everybody in my family was holding her during the final injection. Right before it was given, I sang her "In My Life" to send her off knowing how precious she was to the entire family. We've since gotten another dog to share the love Daisy gave to us, but it took us 2.5 years to reach a state where we could have another pet and still honor her memory. No matter how many other animals I have in my life, Daisy will always be my fur sister, and I will always be reminded of her gentle spirit every time I hear "In My Life."

Carolina Fuentes

Para ti papi con todo mi amor .....besos hasta el cielo!!!

My Chemical Republican

I'm only 17. My life has barely even started. This being said I haven't had the best high school experience, but I know I will look back fondly at these times because of the music that's changed my world. The Beatles included

haaris ibn Abdul

Such a pretty song i will never understand why they sung it in chorus and in such fast pace .
Al it needed was george or john's vocals ,
Slow pace , such a beautiful intro ruined .


Here's how impossibly GREAT they were; they never bothered to release this as a single, though it would have been a guaranteed Billboard #1 hit, and is widely considered one of the greatest pop/rock songs ever written. In fact, a DIFFERENT song from the same album won the Grammy for "Song of the Year". They simply had no equals.

señor del bigote XD

Amo ese hermoso solo de piano (y toda la canción)


I always listen to The Beatles especially during this quarantine period.

Jackie O'Brien-Murphy

Beautiful song. Heartfelt. ????????

Juan Carlos Gutierrez

Pedazo de tema Juaniquillo y la gran CTM...motivadora,clara y presisa jejeje...¡Vivan Los Biruls...For Ever!..????????????????????????


Apparently this has become a funeral song judging from the comments....

Joseph Cottone

This John’s best song.

Patricia Salazar

It's written in my will that this is played as I'm buried. Unsure how my kids will react but it's what I want.

Anthony Stanger

I have a buddy of mine who died a week before his 16th birthday. This was played at his memorial while all his friends and teachers shared the moment with his mom, older sister, father, and girlfriend.

roger peet

Great song. A perfect group from the gods.

carol ostrandeer

This has the total Garage band sound that i will forever love!! Love you Forever Beatles !

Corsham Viton


Daniel Daddino

Es una de mis favoritas genio Lennon resume parte de lo que vivimos por siempre beatles únicos el mundo estaba aburrido y llegaron ellos!

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