Смотреть Stephan Bodzin live @ Piz Gloria in Mürren, Switzerland for Cercle

Просмотров: 8 200 981 • 17.07.2020
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Stephan Bodzin playing his unique live set 10000 feet high in the mountains at Schilthorn Piz Gloria for Cercle.
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☞ Stephan Bodzin

Video credits:

Artist: Stephan Bodzin
Venue: Schilthorn Piz Gloria (https://www.schilthorn.ch/)
Produced by Cercle
Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla
Directors of photography: Anatole Vaillant, Houssam Omar, Haytham Omar.
Drone: Cercle / Anatole Vaillant
Sound Engineer: Vincent Mathieu & Pierre Jean Lorteau assisted by Aurélien Moisan

Special thanks to Piz Gloria team for all their help & their warm welcome.

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Lukas Bohlender

This melody from 37:21 is everything. LOVE, PAIN, LIFE. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard! Thanks for your music.


Imagine actually being there and taking some good quality drugs wow

Mike Cassley

Carhartt hoodie on as well what a legend

Nafets Eznuk

...before cercle, i wasn't aware of Stephan Bodzin, Boris B., ARTBAT, Ardriatique - Thank you Cercle!


I hope I am invited to the next one. Looks like heaven.

T R o n e

Buenardoooooo!!!!! ????????????☘️

Eric Griego

The first time I saw Dr.Nefario was in Despicable Me, I had no idea he could bang keys like this

Derim Devlet

La İlahe İl Allah Muhammed ResulAllah Ve Dini İslam
Salatu Selam Ecmain

Uç Bey Oğlu uç b

uç b: Vikings no offence?
uç b Bodzin'e: be abdullah mehmetçig İslami musician be with abdullah mehmetçig İslami musicians... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF_QkfZI1mM
uç b: Beyler sıkıntı?

Robin Marin

Old school in the scene techno

Wojciech Janaś

THIS GIG IS SO EPIC!111111111111

Adventure inventors

This sh*t is f*cking filthy and I say that with the utmost respect.

Gem Ster

This is incredible!!! deep, dark, emotional, uplifting, energetic music, perfection!

Вячеслав Ловкин


Filipe Albuquerque



Damn. This dude doesnt play music. He creates it. Total respect to him.

Juan Esteban Rada Silvera


Arpent Teurz

37:00 cant stop listening to this song. This mix is from another world anyway

- Barni

This man makes you see music and hear colors.

Laura & Daniel on the road

Chiem de au sˋnögschmol…


This guy is a maestro of melodic techno..he is so passionate about it. Looking forward to releasing Boavista.

Filippo Stoppa


Nicolas Czmok



54:10 min????

Franco Gottardini

Guys my first set. I'm amateur, give me an opinion please !!

Raspakovo4ka Upakovo4ki

Страшнааа, если всё полетит - и люди, и камни, и плиты.............

burak gürkan

best song ; Strand

Sebastian Inhofer

From all the beautiful sets and settings, this is my favourite. The minutes around 1:20:00 are so perfect! The wonders of earth gently but intensely set into an unbelievable composition! Just watching it here makes you feel it, but imagine having been there... huuuhh ;-)

Mano Mega

Alien contact should initiate under those circumstances..

Mano Mega

The Cercle of Life

Deniz Dendeniz


Paul Chacon Peru

impressive... thanks for the music, from Cusco, Peru...!!!

davicho il


Grace Kelly

1:13... sem palavras

Marvin armenio

When the live begin its cloudy but stephan bring back the light, He is the Sun !

Aleksandar Bakoev

every time when i listen to this set, i am amazed of how amazing his music is !

freebase marco

the best live ever!! bodzin inspires me to make music... really top sound.. thanx stephan!!!!

Андрей Сечкин

Mono sound in 2019?

George Devno

Stehpan bodzin lovers <3 check https://youtu.be/BeWl24Td-oM

Leonardo Henrique Cepeluski

53:55 the song of angels love u song Stephan I remember one time when you come for Curitiba - Brazil, was a special night!

Marvin armenio

44:44 i fly on my couch !

Max Nüstermann

A classica cercle jerk!

Marius Auglys

This guy shyzoprenik????????


1:16:17..Thanks for saving my Macbook from that waterbomber..

Benjamín Orellana


Abdullah Gozet

LA İlahe İl Allah Muhammed REsulAllah Ve Dini İslam
Salatu Selam Ecmain
gşy gym ve hükümdar kfr gşy gymleri ve cern

recep tayyip erdoğan toplamda kaç sahte gazi türetti
recep tayyip erdoğan toplamda kaç kayyim atadı bilen var mı?
iyi parçaladın mı Allah hasımı?

Uç Bey Oğlu uç b
T.C. 99214520 54712264618 8200
uç b iyi parçaladın mı Allah hasımı?
uç b derim devlet
uç b


Hagan uno con RÜFÜS DU SOL!!!!

Teo Markwitz

Best set ever human made!

Luciano Ricciutti

El mejor set que escuché en mi vida es éste, sin lugar a dudas por ahora

pure luck, no skill

great music, great location, crowd looks like retards

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