Смотреть Chicane – Behind The Sun (2020 Anniversary Remixes) [Mini Mix]

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Chicane – Behind The Sun (2020 Anniversary Remixes) [Mini Mix]
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It’s easy to underestimate the importance of the ‘Behind The Sun’ album released in March 2000.
Although perhaps overlooked, it is important for its ‘head above the sand’ moment for what was then, still and underground movement to some degree.

Labeled as being the King of Trance, Chicane had successfully married what we now take as normal; the collaboration and guest vocal. Indeed, taking it a step further and incorporating known, ‘found’ pieces into compositions. Something Brian Eno had started some years earlier.

Saltwater, with its haunting theme had broken the UK Charts in 1999. Normally this would have been the flagship track for the album.
However, it was his working with Bryan Adams on the global number one, Don’t Give Up, with its sexy intro and ear-worm chorus that took Trance from Ibiza to Top of the Pops.
There were voices of discontent, sell-out was a term banded about, but the sheer quality of the album, the flow, and tracks such as Autumn Tactics and Halcyon were more than enough to please the ‘Ibiza Town Intelligentsia’.

Looking at the theme park that Ibiza now is, the younger pilgrims to the island would forgive for not knowing there was a time when the soul of the island was about freedom and time to relax, Chicane embodied that ethos, and Behind the Sun is like portal to those times.

For many years’ requests would arrive for ‘stems’ to remix tracks, all refused; there were no stems, this was recorded on tape and was conceived as an album - if you don’t know what that is, go ask someone over thirty. It was Chicane, the band, real people playing real things, married to electronic beats. Chicane as never just a DJ, he had already set the dance world alight with ‘Offshore’ in 1996.
Behind the Sun is an emotional string of musical gems. This album was and is, Nick Bracegirdle (Chicane).
An embodiment of summer mornings and glistening seas.

When the anniversary release was first mooted, it crossed everyone’s mind that these tracks were timeless and, and no less in demand for remixes. So, here is the original album remastered, coupled with remixes by an array of contemporary and legendary remixers. The sheer substance of the original tracks comes shining through in these mixes, the orchestral weaving the little pieces of ear candy, there is an embarrassment of melodies.

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Master Golden

Chicane makes the best music, and Overture anniversary remix sounds like offshore

Rob Cross

Chicane's remix album 2020 just blew me away - it's superb!

Oлеся Miriam

Супер! Люблю Chicane ❤

Michael Van Deynhoven

Especially great sounds from Chicane ????????????????????????????❤️????????????????



Trance Life


sherri moquin

This is relaxing music for me ????????

sherri moquin


Hovini Records



Love Chicane :) Gonna Buy This Album.

Venezuela Trance Family


Patricio Rojas

Me encanta from Argentina!!! Yeahhh

david chigüil

Excelent álbum

Peter Cachovan

It really feels that Nick produced this music with Heart.Thanks for the remastering his hits.Cheers from Slovakia.

Юрий Ипполитов

Уже пора новый альбом!!!этот микс уже купил в Айтюнс.

Harmonieux Et Effet ChriStophE

GreaT ! Thumbs Up ! ????

Dmitry May

Chicane is one of my favorite music producer !!!! ????????????

Итуруп Курилыч

atb ????????????


love it ❤️

Niwa Catari

Está genial✌️????????

Suzie Box

Amazing ????????❤️????

Luai 1 The Boss لؤي

Still nothing new

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