Смотреть Above & Beyond presents OceanLab - Sirens Of The Sea (Continuous Mix)

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Release Date: 21st July 2008
Watch our ABGT250 set: https://youtu.be/CMXiCR2gQw0

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Blissful Balearic moments courtesy of Above & Beyond’s chart-hitting side project with Justine Suissa

“OceanLab has been a part of the Above & Beyond family since the very start (‘Satellite’ is probably our most popular song when we DJ, even now), so it was only a matter of time before we did an album with Justine. Justine has a unique lyrical perspective and we've decided to make that centre stage as much as possible, so the album is again a very personal statement by us. We hope you like it!” - Tony McGuinness

(00:01) 1. OceanLab 'Just Listen'
(03:46) 2. OceanLab 'Sirens of the Sea'
(09:43) 3. OceanLab 'If I Could Fly'
(14:50) 4. OceanLab 'Breaking Ties'
(20:04) 5. OceanLab 'Miracle'
(26:44) 6. OceanLab 'Come Home'
(31:18) 7. OceanLab 'On A Good Day'
(37:15) 8. OceanLab 'Ashes'
(43:46) 9. OceanLab 'I Am What I Am'
(48:32) 10. OceanLab 'Lonely Girl'
(54:02) 11. OceanLab 'Secret'
(59:22) 12. OceanLab 'On The Beach'
(1:04:09) 13. OceanLab 'Breaking Ties (Flow Mix)'

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Legend Leo

Above and beyond I love you so much I cannot put into words how this makes me feel. Takes me into a completely different reality. Thank you.


Amazing ????...

Rachel Bernstein

Highly talented vocal group. Vocal group

Leslie Page

last check on GPM.. over the last like, 7 years? or so? ive listened to this whole album like, 400 times. always makes me feel good. sometimes makes me cry. always exactly what i need.

Aquila Turton

Absolutely, love this ! ✌️????????????????????

Чудесная минералка TV

Божественная музыка ❤

Iñaki Lauzirika

One of Above&Beyond masterpieces… Life's sometimes full of moments like these :-)

Hilton Preston

I pity the moron who downvotes this..... you need help

Doug Thebigdp

I am amazed that there's only one album but good God what an album! I love this so much and while I am 'just' 61 I'd love to see Above and Beyond do their thing

Costa Júnior


Liz Army of 1



Music that heals the soul. Stay safe all❤️

Anthony Baldwin

Super dope!!! One of my favorite albums personally

Raptor Jesus

its criminal that oceanlab haven't become a huge wellknown name like Tiesto or Armin Van Buuren,
they absolutely deserve it! Satellite has been one of my top 10 favourite trance songs ever since i first heard it, instantly fell in love!
it ticks all of the boxes for an instant favourite!

Princess Davis

anybody else listen to this type of music be interested to know who does I love this album especially through hard times?

William Aleman


im Notblackbutoj

I thought I was the only one who was thinking about the things I rote in the comments


No currency could ever be more worth than this work. That's one of mankinds most worth Relics ever.

Nothing is so beautiful. Nothing. Ever.

Jimi Hong

This album is probably the best trance album of the century. Timeless album guys!

Big Ed

Sitting in the garden on a beautiful afternoon in Kent drinking red wine and listening to this fantastic music....

Stephen Grall

One of my all time favorite albums.

Planet X UK Sky Watcher

Love this album ????❤️????


what is the name of the woman on the picture???

timothy wait

and sectet

timothy wait

i Love ahes

chris cieri

By my pool, waterfall going, tiki torches lit 106 degrees

Mark Weiss

great album.

Wuthering Heights

1. Just Listen 0:00
2. Sirens of the Sea 3:48
3. If I Could Fly 9:42
4. Breaking Ties 14:50
5. Miracle 20:04
6. Come Home 26:44
7. On a Good Day 31:19
8. Ashes 37:14
9. I Am What I Am 43:45
10. Lonely Girl 48:32
11. Secret 54:01
12. On the Beach 59:22
13. Breaking Ties (Flow mix) 1:04:08

Jose Fernando Duque

Great tracks, I just love it

dave Smit1


Alex Pilgrim

This Album is supposed to be in Music Hall of Fame as THE BEST Art-Trance album of ALL TIMES!!!

Ken David

Btw breaking ties duderstat version is outstanding

Fatma Berrina

This music means a lot to me. Encourage me to realize my dreams that I achieved them now

Farang Abroad

That picture album is Awesome!


Sounds sooooooo GOOD!!!


Who else would crank the volume up @42:20 I know I would, nearly blew my car windows out....

Mary Mau

One of my fav albums everrrrr







Casey Huffman

there used to be a video over 2 hours long that was a smooth/blended mix of the remixed album, started with Andrew Bayer remix of secret, but it got taken down....anyone have a link to that or a download for it? Miss that so bad, the continuous mix was great

miss pris

Who's here for a retreat in April 2020?
I'm listening while watching a video clip of my life playing in the background in my head, Surreal.
"Let us be the sirens of the seas".


The drums coda in Ashes is something incredible

Angelo Itri

After some years I'm continuing to consider this group one of the greatest in this period! I love your music projects Above & Beyond


Wonderfull album and excellent vocals ???????????? well done ☆☆☆ :;;》 ???? PLUR

Mohamed Luqmaan Ramen

how many listening in quarantine ?? >_<


A true M A S T E R P I E C E. ????‍????????‍????????

Gábor Králik

A whole album with Justine Suissa? Everyone liked that.

Yashar Yazdian

This song shakes my soul, brings all the senses in one place and takes them to the next level!


For my Son Scott hes half a world away in Australia from South Shields UK Please stay safe love you the world and more xxx

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