Смотреть Fkj & Masego - Tadow

Просмотров: 211 994 739 • 17.07.2020
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Buy/Stream Tadow: https://smarturl.it/pzlz9r
Improvised & recorded at Red Bull Studios Paris
Filmed by Arsedi

Buy/Stream FKJ debut album : https://roche.lnk.to/FrenchKiwiJuice



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Syunta Minami



This is like having random explosive sex outside in the rain and not a care in the world if anyone is watching or that you will get sick later.

Feride Muradova

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k lk

it's amazing the music is incredible but the vocals is not what I expected


Do somebody know what are they using as a looper?


I came here before TIKTOK make thissongsmore viral ... hmmm sorry

Zehra Ymz

I love this so much that makes me relax ♥️

Arlene F. Fortis



imagine if they have a single mistake

Gaet Down

This song is genuinely perfect on every level

William GC


Piffany Ellis

Love it. I can sit in a nice comfy chair- and just watch and listen to him


This is such a mood

Rafael Martinez

ohhhh yeah yeahTADDOOOWWW!!! yeah yeah tadow!! ta ta tadow!!! I sawher and she hit me like.....TADOOWWWWWWW
This full version needs to be on spotify instead of the final edit.

Lane Ryan

I'm not one for being an overly positive individual but I'm loving this video and the comments with it. It's such a nice relaxing Vibe and the comments are a nice addition to the vibe being passed around ????

Sam VI

I can't believe I was here before the 1 million viewings!
I'm happy for these artists to be known but what makes me sad is that it's known by a shitty TikTok community.

Khamaraa Ramirez

This song is straight heaven to my ears ????

tewedaj alemayehu

Musical geniuses????

Ameya Tripute

YouTube finally recommended something worth while

Kiara Sealey


Arushi Aryan

yo...this video's a vibe dude!!

Luisa Espinoza

just Pure Art

nudy land

imagine coming from tik tok ????????. sad bro.

nudy land

if y’all came from tik tok y’all suck bro.


Huh wow remember when this didn't have many views

Irídia Obersteiner

Is even allowed to be this talented??????


Now THIS is art????


coming from all the leo dicaprio edits like ???? ???? ????

Joseph John

0:16 He uses a passport for the click. Brilliant

Ace Thecrowd

The performance from the camera man is amazing. But i don't think they understand thr essence of the working that man is doing while lie. H e definitely knows what he is doing.

Moron Music

Best artwork I’ve made comes from listening to this song

Simple Introvert

Hey y’all..... sorry I’m late.... traffic ????‍♀️

Animated Natives TV

The fact his hat dropped like that and he didnt miss a beat is some next level focus. I like the song but even more i respect this level of artistry . its not natural. Something like that takes real real real real practice.

Gerardo Alvarez

Imagine this song while on acid

Vena Ellis

He’s Amazing.


WHoa this was recorded live?? I thought the instrumental was like produced by a robot haha

em as herself

these are real artists. give them a room and the right equipment. Magic

New G

Mind blowing opening with the bass and Sax.... It's amazing how far music has come.....Two guys are capable of making this smoothly played out track with amazing timing and execution..... Bravo Gent's,


Musica de profe de geomorfo

Pedro Schneider

My ears were simply not ready for this magnificent work of art. Top 5 songs I've ever heard.

Jessica Louise

i’m so sad that people from tiktok are finding out about them :( they were our little secret

Josh Canorous

Can I Spit To This?

Nerdy Saubrex

Thank you recommended you know me sooo well!!!

Rafael Roque

Insane bro, with very instruments

Gaya Azzo

2020 peeps

Little bear Nursery

This is that type of song you can get lost in

Renan Pissolotto

I remember watching this video two years ago w/ almost 500k views, now 200 million... wow, these guys deserved that
incredible song


These guys should create an album every couple of months

Lilitha Hole

I know y'all saw him use a passport at the beginning wowww

aag Omar

These guys are the best they be vibein

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