Смотреть New Hope Club - Perfume (Official Video)

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New Hope Club
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Music video by New Hope Club performing Perfume. (C) 2016 Virgin EMI Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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falia haura

my favo band:
1. One direction
2. 5 second of summer
3. New hope club
4. Backstreet boys
Anybody same?

P. A. Blas

...Secrets❣ Secrets❣ Well, not for me --- this is my new favorite❣ much love to the lads, ????????????????

dee ai

my fave group nowadays as is

Nick Campo

George's Bridge part is so cute

Alondra López Arévalo

Está declarado: me gustan todas sus canciones. Tienen un talento enorme. Los amo, chicos.

Elzvienna _


my my

2020 ♡♡♡♡

white sakura

I really like u guys since dis songg

Ashleyy Chan

I've just discovered this amazing band and will continue to be a Loyal Hopeful from now on????????????????
I love them so much????

is it any different

Something about this video and this song just makes me so happy:)

Lu Budini

I Love new hope club. ????????

Anni W.

I came across these boys over half a year ago and I am so sad that I discovered them 3 years after they released this song..I mean how could I have not come across these amazingly talented boys back then.... well anyways now they are my favourite band ever and I think that won’t change for a really long time... ;)

Annabel McPherson

why is George and Recce being so mean to Blakie at the beginning. I know it's playful but still.

They call me LaRoche

Instantly brought a smile to my face


셋이 어떻게 이렇게 닮고 이쁘게생긴거지..

Leandro Lombardo

I love Y ou reece

Mecnun Ercoban

Ne tatlısınız????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


OMG you don’t know how much I love you .

Адриана Кудрик

ДевАчкиииии трек пушкаааа????????????ето лучшее за сегодня ♥️????????????????????????

ail !!

i want see all the mvs in this new email account

Emily rose

I miss this NHC ????

valeria alvis

They are the best I have heard in a long time! son lo mejor que he escuchado en mucho tiempo!

Herlina New

Reece part ????????????

Evelyn Baran

this makes me laugh knowing how much reece hates this song now.

Carmen Elizabeth Nieto Alanis

guapos hermosos divinos
me enamore si me enamoraron

Evelyn Baran

THIS IS SO FUNNY they hate this song and? I? dont? blame? them? this is so long ago and the audio is so bad omg love them so glad they evolved!


This gave me "One Thing" vibes and I'm totally here for it

ClaiLikes1d Vlogs

we did it guys. they're big now.


썸네일에 홀려 들어왔는데... 셋다 너무 잘생기고 노래도 잘한다 ????????

Christine Lau

My fav

Katrina Medenilla

Reeeeeece T.T


이 좋은 노래를 왜 이제서야 알았을까 ????


It is currently 13th February

Nathasya Sasacha

You're so talented guys

moonlight vibe

From this MV, I really love Blake Richardson

sasa ananda

Blake Reece George, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS

Lele's mate

One of my fav song from NHC Songs

Nathasya Rizqie Ananda

My fav song OMG. Indonesian fans here support you guys

Jena Park

can the fandom name THE DAY'S cuz there are our hope so lets be they're days

reece thamos

Reece why so cute????♥️

Brigitte Poissant

I've recently been listening to all the NHC songs to prep for their DEBUT ALBUM!!!! and i looked at the description part and saw they officially have 1 Million subscribers. Its oddly nostalgic to see that they've got ONE MILLION subscribers while listening to Perfume

Congrats guys!!


Love u guys

윙 가디움레비오사

첫소절부터 그냥 너무 좋아 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Riana Warner

I saw George's face so I tapped

Adri Santana

OMG! ????

perfectly wrong

самые лучшие ♥????


2:19 한국식 하트인 줄 알았넴..ㅠㅜ

DJ Proctor

This is my favorite song from 2017 but still listening to it in 2019, 2020 ,2021.

why not me gaby

Realmente não tem brasileiros nesses comentários


Always love you guys.

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