Смотреть 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Watch all the best bits from a damp Hungaroring where mixed conditions proved difficult for drivers as battles raged right until the chequered flag.

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the Chuckira

F1 ....the most boring motorsport of the world.

Connor Mcleod

The greatest british f1 driver and hopefully the greatest f1 driver of all time.. Aka legend

Norbert Kral

Ok somebody tell me how lando get from 5th place to 18th in 2 laps... I was in toilet during it so tell me plz


It’s so sad to see Ferrari struggling so much, they are not competing for top but competing for 4th to 7th place wtf happening to this team, really disappointed as a fan of 15years


You can really see How hard williams drivers are pushing their car



Christine Joly

Well done Max 🤣🤣🤣

Zanele Forde


A m

LH has to be in his prime again 8 times win i know people will say he has the best car no in rain it requires skill and fearless that why Michael won so many race as well

Ben H

Probably an unpopular opinion but leclerc has sucked balls this season.

He's just a privileged asshole from Monaco who was forced into karting. He doesn't have the discipline of max. He will crash and burn in 3 season time. I don't see him winning top three with Merc, rbr, and RP Aston Martin as the competition.

kimi catty7

Worst cars on grid = Alfa Romeo.. Great drive from the Kimster

k R

Maybe Ferrari would be able to build mini vans for America?

kimi catty7

Hamilton is such a bluffer n liar my car is stuck n 2nd gear or some shit at starting grid before red lights on radio


I completely don't deny Lewis is an excellent driver with lot of experience, but it's a bit boring to watch the season already knowing that Mercedes cars just gonna win it.

Owen Armitage

Zac brown
No war zone till you help the team
Quick let’s get to the garage to pack up the car

Marcos Gonzalez

Are racing point good now?

Cassian Frank

Mercedes podium=boring

Stephen Lovell

Gonna be great to even out the playing field a bit next year.

John sweda

Hamilton does it again leave them in hes brake dust he's got to get a knighthood

Bubba K

Oops. No mention or revision of the ridiculous, misapplied radio penalties to Haas after. Hope they're appealed and reversed by next race, as they shouldn't stand anyhow.
As the footage shows, a pit lane start is a pretty reasonable rule for changing tires before the green flag.
For such a late penalty, I don't expect Crofty to come back on air and explain the controversy. But what are you going to do FOM?

liam hearne

Hamilton over 3 seconds up after 1st lap over 20 by lap 20 get rid of DRS and radio chat between driver and pit. To many engineers and analysts dictating how the drivers race.


FORMULA Hamilton

B Hammy

Same winners. It's getting sooooo boring.


If the race has good battles, like in this you should extend the highlights. There was not enough time to enjoy them here.

Winger Ang

Renault > ferrari...

Alan the leopard

So much hurry to have F1 back after the pandemic strike just to see always the same guys on the podium?...


Strange that Bottas didnt get slapped for a false start. They did it to whats-his-face last year for exactly the same.

Abhishek Saha

Where is the Mission Spinnow logo on Ferrari ass???

__ ••••••

Verstappen: "I'll pretend I'm out and make Lewis think he can take it easy"
Lewis takes it easy
Mercedes on Lap 2: "OK, Lewis, gap to 2nd place is 10 seconds"
Mercedes on Lap 70: laps Vettel in 5th
Mercedes on lap 76: sets fastest lap


Not radio ;shut up !!! Car sound good (idiot yelling bad)!!!

Stephen Stainton

Go, go, Lewis!!

Rajender Singh Harit

It was boring race at the front but good thing is they showed the mid field throughout the race.

Adi Gheorghiță

I dunno what anybody says but Hamilton is unstoppable right know , he’s smashing everyone

Alexander O'Donnell

What a boring race, waste of time. Glad I watched an amazing gt series race after

Krzysztof Bodzianowski

In that winning rate, Hamilton will easily gets to 110 wins

Krispy Krowley

It's lights out and away we sleep!


its great work from ferrari to still be in the last 20 cars racing at the end of the race :D

Johan Murray

I discovered.. l a z y h o m e p r o .c l u b ..when was looking on the internet and today I do not owe anything anymore

Annun Dae

Sincerely I tell poor F1 ... Moreover with a bad boy like Lewis, really sad.. sry Schumi.


Never going to insult a team that’s just doing its job and producing the best results like Mercedes. The other teams (especially Ferrari and Red Bull) should take a long look at themselves and figure out what they’re doing wrong

Marty McFLY 1985

End Racism is by round 3 a Total Worldwide Embarrassment to the world of F1 . How is it so impossible to get 22 DRIVERS TO KNEEL ALL TOGETHER
Austria 1 Kneel some Standing
Hungary round 3 Kneel for 2 seconds then its over and some drivers didn't even turn up at all


You missed out one of the best bits of the race where Bottas overtook Leclerc and Leclerc got back past straight away.


2000-2004 Shumi/Ferrari domination MUST be stopped, 2014-2020 Hamilton/Merc domination good for F1 (eye roll/sarcasm)

Ping Pong

Why do the weak Teams waste their doing the race....

FIA: just wanna waste their time...

They: yeah we had nothing better to do

DesertFox Gaming

Mercedes wins again, what a freaking joke.


As a Schumacher fan, it becomes very difficult when you realize that the record is going to get broken in 2021. I kind of hoped Rosberg would stick around and maybe get 1 or 2 more titles or at the very least give some tough competition to Lewis. The guy the got as replacement for Nico...I really don't know what to say. Yesterday at the Hungarian GP, Bottas almost stalled the car at the start in the grid and dropped to 6th by the first corner. I mean at the very least you want to be able to see some competition between the the 2 Mercedes cars. The race was over by turn 1. It is pathetic. Don't get me wrong, Lewis is a great driver and all credit to him. However, F1's got to be better than this. Mercedes has to get a better driver than Bottas.

Matheus F1RST

where is the battle of Leclerc VS Bottas !?

RG Alves

Hamilton #1

Ali Kadhim

I visited,, l a z y h o m e p r o .c l u b ,when was looking online and today I dont owe anything at all

Nafi Papa

If u believe ferarri is bad only on-track you are not right they are also in the pit stops ahahahahhahah lol

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