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http://www.hdcolors.com/ This is the whole point of this exercise. It is a nonprofit but I do sell downloads and DVDs as a source of income to supplement my Social Security Disability. I give my videos away for FREE and encourage file sharing with credits.

Here is a SUMMARY of my PHILOSOPHY: http://www.LibertarianCare.org

My income from these kaleidoscopes qualifies me for my Washington State Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities. This is a Medicare Supplemental insurance plan provided by Washington State Medicaid.

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These are our BASIC RULES to live by. This is called a Meme:



The hypnotic background music is written and performed by Bjorn Lynne. The soundtrack songs in the original videos are "A Journey Within" and "Endless Oceans." In the 4K videos, the soundtrack song is "Tranquil Landscapes."


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Jakub Nemec

Hi buddy, can I use some of your video as background to my video?


love to listen to this when my parents are arguing in the background lol. so chilling

moefoxes inactive channel

what u see when u rub ur eyes too hard

That one kid

When you rub your eyes too hard:


=b d=


Alguien habla.español aca jaajaja


so high while watching it, and enjoying it on a such different level... if you know what i mean... well you don't, but maybe you can imagine...

spill the tea sis

we're friends now. enjoy the trip homie :)

Philip Laurent

It made my dog (she has atheritis) sleepy

Bibul kumar


shivansh bhardwaj

Who else looking at the comments the second time since you started to watch the video?

Yvonne Barraza

Thanks for posting

Таня Пирожкова Кулинарный канал

So beautiful ????????????

duško Stupar


Lucía Drocchi

This it the best thing everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


i love drugs.

Sebastian Borja

Im watching these visuals with a girl that Is most definitively my soul homie and its been an amazing first date, thank you for the visuals and thank you for helping share a common interest.

92 Rpz

Fuck Yeah that’s good for 2cb man

domenico monaco

I'm doing some cleaning around my bungalow , this is just the right music to relax and concentrate on do the works !

User Null

What is the name of that music genre?
This music genre is really good to help me fall asleep.

Wendy-lee Morris Sirrom

Addictive ????????????????????

Tina Kangai

Can someone tell me why i cried soo much watching thiiis??

samuel Banfield

reminds me of bio feed back


I watched it intently for 2 hours and nothing happened.

Caleidoscopio All Style Musica

???? ???? ???? Love this video


When you close your eyes belike :

-Dark Track-

Earthbound be like

Abhinav. P.B

I think this is a visual effects editing l

Juan Manuel Najera Escamilla

Disculpe buenas noches, perdone si le interrumpo, solo quería decirle que su música es muy buena, tanto que me inspiro en una idea, pero es para un proyecto de la escuela no se si su creación sea free me gustaría saberlo, solo es un pequeño proyecto de la escuela pero enserio ha sido de ayuda su música muchas gracias!!?

Black Swan.

Great stuff! Please may I use your video for a small project I'm doing?

Gian Adesh Singh


Mars Khaibulin.

Очень завораживающее зрелище,
да и музыка одна из лучших

Catherine matimu.


Jessica M

Always come back here...no matter what...perfect combination.

Michel De Kuijper

Play at 2.0X speed. Thank me later

Estúdio aleatório



lsd trippin, when the right note hit when that hmmm of cudi yes u in that bitch u that high


this is so great

Ryan Wale oven

Gd Q z at him g

Nurse Kate

Thank you for the beautiful fractal tunnel! Nothing else like it. I’ve noticed it’s very calming and sometimes seems to induce a kind of theta state meditation sensation... usually something I achieve through introspection and harmonics/frequencies (singing bowls, gongs, and especially drums). Thank you for sharing your work and the brief message at the beginning. I have a question about how you changed the pattern over and over... or appeared to. Is the pattern changing or is it that colors were removed and introduced to the same equation/algorithm? Sorry if it’s a dumb question but I’m truly interested and I can’t find anyone who can explain the answer. Thank you!!



RetroZenTraL 3D

Thanks you very much ????????‍♂️????❤????⚖

The Sexy Accident

perfect zoom background

Paul V

thank u for creating this I am definitely buying the dvd! I'm trying to quit smoking cigarettes and stay off social media and this is so therapeutic while listening to music thank u again

T Cheney

This is great, my ASD child and I love watching together. Have you considered processing video through Deep Dream? That would be next level intensity.

Shree Shyam Agencies

loved it!!!!!!! ..
and its very relaxing and keeping mind in silence ..
all look like normal and going pleasant way and trippy too

Eva Russell

Beautiful presentation. Quite mesmerizing...

David Jones

Dude I just got kicked out of a mall campus of which I don't know how I got there and met some dude who was sketchy as all fuck who wanted more stuff to trip on

W Leon

I suffer with terrible mental health issues. I shall use this extensively to help me to try and relax and come 'out' of my present surroundings.

MN Creek Water

It's 6am.... I need this to wear off, I was supposed to do stuff today lol

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