Смотреть Star Relax - 3d Fractal Trip

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{check below for source}
part 2: https://youtu.be/t2EF1MPn3_8
3d fractal compilation I totally stolen from other channels and added music more suitable for journeys I take.

made for personal use but maybe you also find it amusing.

Source videos are mostly works of:

Jérémie Brunet

Arthur Stammet


Krzysztof Marczak

Awesome stuff.
Please visit their channels for more Star Relax Premium Content.

1st half: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs02P3Rhd0U
2nd half: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeBw_atUkoo

(If you recognize authors of rest of the works please let mi know, I will add it in description)

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Лена д



Populous 3 soundtrack!


What is that soundtrack? Is this deemed music? Hahahaha!


Wheres the zoom

Васян Васянов

This sucks. Not reality.

Заёбный Слесарь

Грудной сбор от «Эвалар» хорошо сносит!!


10:23 my best moment

Lino Barros

Namastê ????????


any tutorials on how to make these, its so cool omfg...


So part 1 is 91 minutes, and part 2 is 7..?


That`s what the fourth dimension looks like



Kunal Trivedi

Eye pleasing, heart touching, mind blowing, soul nourishing.

Chad Carter

Love your compilation, beautifully done

Фатима Садурдиновна

Ни*уя не нравится звук ора

Vanessa Brisbine

A realaxing beauty thankx!

Wayne Yeoh

And when you think that ur in a planet, remember that this didn’t happen. It shouldn’t

Daniel Ast

10:21 music epic as f*ck

Brother Maleus Praetor

Among the matrices of matter, there are even bigger areas of nothing. Rather like the universe...


Muito curioso e intrigante, é uma verdadeira viagem, a Matemática que linguagem maravilhosa, excelente trabalhho.


I use this for DMT experience without DMT

Britt B

1:20:00 had me feeling some type of way

Moe Pingas

So deep, and so cool!

Анахорет Редкоземельный

Просто пиздец . Наверняка Дон Хуан захаживал Суда

3 happi

Loooook outtt!!!! It's a trap!!!

lc smokes

off two blunts and a shroom lifes good

Ice Ink


Александр Рейн

This is probably what hell itself looks like. An endless, meaningless space, full of illusory details that cannot be touched, because you are always too small to reach them. All this looks like one simple idea, word or thought that was stretched to infinity, and although it is incredible simple, always the same, it is impossible to stop thinking it, reach an end, although you know it already, from the begging. It’s hard to explain how disgusting it is.

Серый Гнипель

Тут некто 3 года назад оставил талантливо емкий комент:,,Грибы".Я понял,что таки да,картинки-грибные,от косяков таких не бывает.А музыка,она ситуативная....

Bernard Degand

Der Zoom müsste als durchgängige mathematische Funktion definiert werden und die Graphik noch viel besser sein, um die wahre Ästhetik des Universums zu Offenbaren.

avalon NewWay

Populous music

Sarah Eida

fucken ell I'm trippen baaalllzz


God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life
All of us sin and our sin has separated us from God
Jesus Christ is God's only provision for our sin. Through Him we can know and experience Gods love and plan for our lives
We must individually receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, then we can know and experience Gods love and plan for our lives




This is one thing that scares me about 3D fractals.
It looks pretty cool...
and then you get sucked into a space of infinitely giant sharp edges and it is just freaky.

tom thompson

like independence day ,, only different.

Mer Rick

Why couldn’t I have been born in this dimension


2:23 that is how look minecraft in 4d

Blake Abernathy

I wonder how many years it took to render this



Andrew Pleva

Another video of not fractals


Well. I don't taked drugs.
And now I don't even have to.
Thank you people!!!!
Infinite love to you.... ????

Metal Videos

people need to watch this when they take shrooms LSD or Mescaline lol.


This is ourself

Mal Long

What is the graphics program you are using to render these images?


Say hello to the wall of the universe.

Devon Ferrier

What the quantum field might look like if someone was able to walk on it's surface?

Danger Joe

Inspired me to write some eldritch prose:

Across dead stars, I travelled once,
to find the elder truth -
Not written down on pergament,
or on tablets of bronze.
And in the center, nuclear,
I beheld the dark throne,
Where vile drums echo near and far,
And pipes mindlessly drone.
Evertwisting, Everturning,
The gods, they surely dance,
As to fullfil my eldritch yearning,
I signed with blood upon my hands,
the dark book of the mindless one,
whose dreams shape our world,
And everyday, in ignorant bliss,
the Earth mindlessly turns.
Everyday since, I wish for death,
for my mind is long gone,
And with my last, dying breath,
I've come to sing this song.
What our three dimensions hold,
is but a human lie,
So come and see, the cosmic mold,
in spheres where Euklid does cry.

eM Cee

Sooo, this is what hippies do with their computers.

Лена д

:-* :-* :-* Bless God all my deas <3 Salvation Christ <3 love music <3

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