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this will work for acoustic or electric. you must develop your ear to properly tune a guitar so get going, you can do it, keep pluggin away, and it will get better!!!

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Joe Kelly


Daniel Boateng

Marty you are a great teacher. Guys if you want to learn African highlife guitar with Daniel Boateng click on the link below to add to what Marty is giving us

r c

Which way is tighter I dont want the string to pop lol


Why is no one taking about how many channels this guy has

Christopher Cote


Mister Investor

Yooo Sypher, what's with the xinfin bashing lol


Everyone Always Do Good Before Evil

Deanna Campbell

Last time I tuned my guitar I broke the strings and I'm terrified haha


forget the guitar where did you get that hat

HDTaka Marek

Thx dude i know how to tune my guitar propley now it took me 20-30min to understand the parts and I masterd it

Michael Steven

4 million views? WTF?

Samarah Dobbins

Elephants and donkeys got big ears


😊 thanks so much

Ky Onfroy

Thanks man helped me out alot

Courtney Handschug


Somia Sattar


Tõnis Kändmaa

you are not marty

Ani Suarez

Easter Bunnies Get Drunk At Easter

Sonder Experience

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to tune a guitar. I’ve watched 3 different tutorial videos already with different methods and it still sounds like a dying anaconda giving birth 😭


I broke my string

Sebastian Almanza

This is why perfect pitch is amazing

Brandon Berry

Eat A Darn Good Breakfast Everyday :)


its confusing to tell which is a high note or a low note,ugh my ears has a major problem

Dani Ordway

I tried tuning it and I broke my string😂

Pedro Castellanos

Hello Marty good afternoon. I have a question for you. What's the trick to tune the first string??


This guy looks like the dad from Matilda the movie of course


This was VERY helpful, thanks! Just tuned my guitar.

Super Womyn

I'm using this tutorial as a base for my college course. I'll be doing the tuning in my video and I have a hat just like yours. You are the greatest!

River Capois

k j. ask. j.

Brody Grman

As I was watching this, I got an ad for a guitar app.


J Kooo

You can tune your guitar with Yousician it tells how to tune a gutiar I tried it

Leigh Nicolai

gutar string poped >:(

Shayne Fitzgerald

Marty, you need to learn how to Tune Your Guitar before you show anybody ell's. Also I have owned 26 Martins over my 40 Years of Playing.. So wtf is Wrong with your Martin.. It sounds like a $100 toy from Walmart.. Change you String's/Guitar or get another Mike as it Sounds CRAP.

GhostGamer Operations

Um sorry for asking, I just got my guitar not long ago, but I need to know if you press hard on the string when doing a chord or if you bearly put pressure on it


This is too long


Everybody get dull after eating

Superfoxybros 13

This is no help

Michael Booz

Nice job man! Enjoyed your video!

Just Want2Help

Forget this old way. Get the E string in tune and use pinch harmonics. Put your finger directly over the 5th fret and on the next string put you finger directly over the 7th fret, do not push down against the fret board just hold your finger gently on the string like your muting it. Now strike the 2 strings one after another. Tune the strings like this all the way down until the 5th string or G string, the old way has to be used on this string. An out of tune string will have a wave thats very easy to hear even to a beginner, when its in tune it will hit you and be a ton easier to hear than this old way. Ive been playing 20+ years and find pinch harmonics much easier to hear the correct tone and pitch.



Sonya Mariner

God bless!!!

Kat D. 杜洁

Hey, thanks, Marty. Today's 2nd grade science lesson was about pitch and how that changes based on how taught a string is. My daughter and I enjoyed this. Thank you!

Maida Dutcher

I think, You need to take some time and go to woodprix website to learn how to make it.


there is an App available now that makes tuning a guitar easier, right?

Alex Buch

thank you so much man that stuff is really useful!

Jazmine DeAngelo

I bought a guitar for my boyfriend but we broke up so indecided to keep it instead.

Allen Guan

Explained it very clear, thanks for the help!

Tina Law

omg you are awesome thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!


I'm using IOS app tuner, but not sure if it does job properly.
Something odd about the sound of my guitar...

Abraham Hernandez

I got a guitar lesson ad before this

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