Смотреть Steve Stine Guitar Lesson - Learn To Solo In 5 Minutes - 6 Note Soloing Technique

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In this guitar lesson, I'm going to show you how to take an idea of using 6 notes to create fun and creative guitar solos over various guitar chords.

The cool part is, you can use this technique over any chord.

Within 5 minutes of practice, you will see amazing progress (and have fun doing it). Try it out!

Here is the chart of the notes on the 6th string (there are sharps and flats as well, but add those after you learn these): http://guitar-zoom.s3.amazonaws.com/Lead-Magnet-PDFs/notes-on-the-6th-string.pdf

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Jocir Da Silva

Came across your video and loved it.you you are a great teacher.simple way of of saying and showing the stuff.i have been playing my whole life,but recently started trying to solo on a electric.loving it.thanks man.

Josue Marquez

Awesome! I was looking for this... great teacher

Richard Karape

great, atleast i have learned something...thanks

Jack Noerr

Thank you so much! I’ll finally be able to break free from the same pentatonic pattern 😁

Ryan Leneis

Steve, Thank you for this great lesson !! You the best !!!

Epsilon sagittarii

Sir please help me.... Please..
I don't know why i am not able to play fast solo.. Every time when i start playing fast solo.. I do mistakes like picking wrong strings and also my hand (which has pick ) don't move fast..
Please help someone.. I am very bad at leading.

Steve Solo

Instead of chord chasing, what happens if I stay in the Key of A (5th fret)and then (instead of playing the same 3 strings at D) at the 10th fret play the mode that progresses up from the 5th fret(A)? I mean, pick the key I want to play in and run up and down the fretboard staying in the same key?....You give great lesson!!!!

Charlie Anderson

Wow simple but amazing. You are the first to give a brief lesson that actually makes sense and has you soloing in minutes. To show the root of your six notes according to your key is brilliant things are making sense now. You are an awesome teacher and I will be watching more. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Kez Madelo

I love the way you teach
Youre so enthusiastic

Anne Stuurman

Thank you Steve

Olly B



Probably the best guitar lesson for a beginning.. Thanks a ton my man

Steve Tan

Hi Steve Stine my name steve too thank you for your lessons!!.. have a nice day...


Great teacher, I appreciate the "have fun" concept for beginners like myself. Thanks!

Tom kicmol

wow .. not even sure what to say. As a drummer learning guitar ... this one video has inspired me to keep learning. I really dig the focus on fun and just being chill. For me that is music ... play for the notes you love and do not worry about rules or anything else. If it sounds good ... that is it. Well done.


This was great for a buffoon like me, thanks chief!

bm phil

You can solo in zero minutes.......it's just a question of it sounding decent.

Dime in Chainz

I wish I had a teacher like this when I was young

David Barras

Awesome video. You’ve made clear what I’ve never been able to grasp after years of on and off playing and giving up. I think this’ll get me fired up again. Thanks

Sandeep Bhandari

You made it so simple. Thank you

Westley's video's

Wish I could wake up tomorrow and be able to play like this guy ( Awesome Steve ) 🎸😎👍🎧🎼🎤🔥💯🎸😎👍

Anthony Flores

learn to solo in five minutes...in a 15:55 minute video. one of us has lost their mind.

Anthony Garatoni

Anybody buy the online course, is it worth it?

6 Max Grinder

Christ, finally a dude that simplifies this stuff. Guitar can be so overwhelming.

Spetznaz Ninja

What guitar is that?

Way Maker

Its only till c, i wanna know the b,e,f solo chord

dave 27875

Just subscribed 👍 thanks for the free advice

Danijel Jurkovic

I’ve never found a better explanation for playing solo guitar...really cool and easy to understand. Thank you!

Bro Zii

Thank you for your share i can understand it better than before That i think solo are difficult

W Chandra

wish i could like more than once

Ronny Hermiz

Such a great guitarist, teacher & genuine person. Best wishes.

Imi Translator

You're perfect but this lesson is an awesome!I don't know why i haven't seen it up to now I feel like getting the point Thanks a lot

Harry Verey

Brilliant guitar teacher and not surprising that he has over 8.5 million views - well deserved too. Instrumental music is not easy and the most important thing for a teacher to do is to get students to really enjoy learning, want to play more and to discover more about music. Where there is a will there is a way.

Hmai Ralte

u help me alot..thnkyou so much

Heytaco videos

Wow thanks

Almat Sailaukhan

peons: root note
steve, an intellectual: rut note

paul harris

thanks man. that makes cool sence, very oool tip and I have watched lot of these things but only ever a few make sence, thank you

Samuel jsmack92

I been playing 15 years self taught just learning by tab and practicing technique. Pretty sad after all this time I find this video VERY useful lol like “why wasn’t I learning this my first year or so of playing?”

Mike Noon

Awesome lesson!

Al Amin Ananda

Would this also work for Minor chords ?

chellah clancy

Really cool cheers bruh

Sinclair Ashman

Greetings from the UK! Huge thanks for this Steve. The video (like all your vids) is really helpful to beginners like me – so accessible and all about making guitar playing fun. They show that you remember what it's like to be struggling with technique and when/how to apply just the right element of theory where it's needed.


This is one of those videos that just make things click! Thanks man!!


I am following and learning as I paint. 🥳


Then C chord first position cud be moved up the next positions in progression?

Rob Axl

anyone can learn to "solo"in 5 minutes but you forgot to mention the lifetime it takes to "master" soloing Steve...other than that I love your videos and you are one of my favorite guitar teachers.

Rich Field

Great lesson, love it

Victor De Melo Fernandes

Nice brother. So easy teacher


I really like his tattoo

Макс Сергеев

Thank you, Steve - this is Super!

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