Смотреть Evanescence - My Immortal (Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "My Immortal" performed by Evanescence

Music video by Evanescence performing My Immortal. (C) 2004 Wind-Up Records, LLC

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Robson Junior

que mulher senhora e senhores

Navie Music


Randy Ar

Take me back to the time where there was nothing could change the world but corona

ezequiel gil barta

When you can't get to out of your head

Cheruiyot Vincent

My brother's presence still lingers in my mind. He passed away 2 weeks ago. Rest easy kiddo

nisinisi mitumitu


Michael Wise


rage N8walker

cutest Woman on this planet

eloisa reyes

2020 anyone??? reallyy love all songs of Evanescence and this is my no. 1 pick ❤


I met a girl on tinder couple of months ago. I started the conversation late at night at 3am and she responded immediately.
We started a journey i have never had with a girl before. We wrote from morning till late night everyday. One day she asked if we wouldn´t like to play a game where we could ask us everything we wanted, so that we get to know each other better.
I asked her for a date and she said yes, so i took my dog and we met on a lonely place with a bench and were talking for hours. Everything felt right and i thought i met the girl of my dreams. We went home at 8 pm and started again to write and continued playing the "game".
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I was completely sad. We asked us everything. I know everything from her, we were kissing, we had about 23.000 messages on whatsapp within 2,5 months and now she says that there is nothing.
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Why has she given me hope and said that everything was fine and that she could imagine having a relationship and then ends the concact abruptly. Why has she given me her trust and from one day to another she breaks up everything we created.
Everytime my phone rings i hope that she has written me a message but she doesn´t care about me anymore.
Damn.. I miss her so much. I feel lonely, can´t eat normal, I´m sitting here in my room and could cry all day long.
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In Orbit

Amy lee awesome singer beautiful woman! What else can I say?????

Kevin Casey

Bloody brilliant mind Amy
Proudly displayed by Babyblue???? and the karma lads????



Mahfuza Sarwar


Mark angelo Balos

Nostalgic band and songs one of my fav band part of my childhood memory that I had
Mabuhay kayung mga batang 90s still listening July 17 2030

Sir Junard Miranda

It hurts so much

Tina Harris

2020 is so depressing, only these songs keep you going


I'm surprised no one has made any jokes about the terrible fanfiction with the same title.

karissa wilson

This is the most beautiful video♥️

Ian Saltsman

Who else agrees this is the best song ever ?


I dedicate this song to my friend who took her life the same year in high school. We listened to this song together. Earbud in each ear and she loved this music. It gives me peace knowing it made her smile. <3

Claire Edney

A timeless song. Very haunting but beautiful. When it's my time to become an angel in the sky this is the piece of music that will be playing and coming with me. It sounds very morbid but this song has been through so much with me. I will forever have it in my heart❤

Ренат 1983


jack daniels

amazing,...it is so...incredibly. Close your eyes and listening.
touches your heart....


im here from the harry potter fanfiction

andreson matos


Will Mason

Brain cancer took my wife... but not my memories....I will never remarry

Nadia Morgan


Paulius Zelenekas

this song is really immortal ????

Io Sole

2017 ~ 2019 Robi ♡

Io Sole

Robi ♡

Muslima Runa

Quarantined anyone? Life sucks

Анастасия Курганова

сердце поет с вами!

Monica Ann

Man this song it still gets me. But I do smile when I hear this song. My daughter she's not even 10 yet felt this song to her core. Powerful song

Danko Yordanov

It's really annoying..this "who listening this in 2345 year"? It's JUST F...STUPID THIS. STOP SH..NG EVERYWHERE....DUMB

Dd Louremz

All time fav ????❤️❤️❤️❤️

Larry Karuru

The dislikes are from people who don't know how to spell evanescence

truongvinh nguyenduy Music



I haven’t heard this for a long time. Because this is my theme song to my depression, and I’m afraid it’s coming back....????

Moe Doe

I feel like killing my self whenever I listen to this.????????

Nevermind Us

let comment after 10 years

Amanda G.


Jaiane Araújo

2020 é nois ksks

Iza Oliveira

Esse hino é o melhor de todos

Moririn 99

Ive heard many covers through out the years but the original is the best. The level of emotion i felt is almost incomparable

Mercenary EX

The only immortal here is the comment section :P


This song is literally immortal

Francys Zambrano

Ten years ago and I still love this song

Sonja Brown

Amy Lee is extraordinary!


I love this band. For life.

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